How to Change WiFi Password PTCL

Are you looking for information on how to change WiFi password PTCL. If yes, then this article will show you what you are looking for. PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is, without doubt, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Pakistan. It’s the go to place for those that are looking for the best internet services in the country. They have a number of solutions, particularly for those looking for DSL/ADSL internet services. It’s important, if you are on this network, for you to know how to do a PTCL WiFi password change. Anyway, here is how to do it;

PTCL WiFi Password Change Steps

To change the WiFi password on your PTCL modem, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the PTCL WiFi network on which you wish to do a password change.
  2. Open a browser on your computer and type in or
  3. You will now be taken to your router’s login page.
  4. Type in the default username which is admin.
  5. Type in the default password, which is also admin.
  6. You will now be taken into your modem’s Dashboard. Click on Wireless.
  7. Next, you need to click on Security.
  8. Go to the WPA/WAPI Passphrase section. This is where you change the WiFi password for your PTCL modem.
  9. After you have done your PTCL WiFi password change, click on Apply to save your changes.
  10. Log out of your modem’s Dashboard. Restart your PTCL router and then sign into your WiFi network using the new password.

Tips on doing a PTCL WiFi password change

Most of the time, the above instructions should work for those looking to change WiFi Password PTCL. However, there are times when you may encounter some issues. That’s usually because there are so many brands of WiFi routers out there. The steps for changing WiFi passwords are almost the same. However, the subtle differences may become a problem for some. This section is, therefore, in case you have a different PTCL modem.

As an example, people sometimes look for PTCL wifi password change tips. These people are on newer modems that use that I.P address instead of One thing to note is that most PTCL routers are from TP Link. We have previously written an article showing how to change the WiFi password on a TP Link router.

If you are in Pakistan and if you are on PTCL, then you will see that the steps given there are almost the same as the ones that we give in this article. You can also check out our article on how to change WiFi password PLDT (Philippines). Again, you will notice that the steps are the same. So, what tips do we have for those looking for information on how to change WiFi password for PTCL?

Don’t have the default I.P for your modem? Use Command Prompt to find it

This is the first PTCL WiFi password change hack that we can give you. Okay, it’s not actually a password hack, but it will help you do a PTCL WiFi password change. In the event that the default I.P addresses given above do not work, what do you do? Well, the good news is that you can use Command Prompt to find the default I.P address for your PTCL modem. To do so, you need to take the following steps;

  • Click on the Windows Key on your computer as well as on the R key at the same time.
  • This will open a Run dialog box. In there, type cmd and press the enter key on your keyboard
  • In the Command Prompt window that opens up, type in ipconfig and press enter.
  • You will see your modem/router’s I.P address on the section written Default Gateway.

You can find the default username and password on the router

If the above username and password do not work, you should check to see if your router does not come with the default username and password printed somewhere. Usually, routers come with a sticker on which will be printed the default username and password. So, this is one thing that you need to do before doing any of the acrobatics given in this article.

You should change your default PTCL router password

As noted above, the default password for PTCL routers is admin. Remember that we are talking about the router password here and not the WiFi password. The router password is for getting into your router dashboard. The WiFi password, on the other hand, is for connecting to your WiFi network.

Thing is, thieves know what your default username and password are. So, it’s advisable to change it at the same time that you do a PTCL WiFi password change. That way, you will be able to fully protect yourself knowing that no one will be able to get into your router.

Choose a strong password for your PTCL WiFi

If you have lived in a neighborhood for some time, it’s possible for you to guess the WiFi passwords that people use. In most cases, people like to use their children’s names and birthdays as WiFi passwords and usernames. These are very easy to guess. However, the worry for most people is that if they use something complicated, they will not be able to remember it.

So, they go with names that are easy to remember. However, you should never do this because you will be setting yourself up for loss. Always try to have a strong password. If you cannot remember it, better to write it somewhere. In general, your password should be at least 8 characters long. It should be composed of both letters and words. You should also throw in a couple of uppercases in there to confuse people.

Why do a PTCL WiFi Password Change?

In the first part of this article, we showed you how to change WiFi password PTCL. But why should you even bother. Aren’t the default passwords good enough? And if you have already done a PTCL WiFi password change, do you need to keep doing it? Well, there are a couple of reasons why it’s important to change your WiFi password, whatever the network that you may be on;

Your password has been compromised by neighbors

We all love our neighbors, right? Well, not all of us love our neighbors, to be frank. But most people get along just fine. So, when you get your WiFi, it’s inevitable that the neighbors will come flocking to your doorstep telling you one sad story after the other. The one that’s most common is that they need to check their emails.

Perhaps they have previously applied for a job and have now been reminded by the fact that you have gotten WiFi in your home that they need to go to Gmail to check if they have been called for an interview. Or perhaps they have kids who go to the same school as your own kids. Now, they want you to hand over the password for your WiFi to enable their kids to research on the internet so that they can keep performing better than your own children.

Of course, nobody ever puts it like that, but there you have it! Anyway, after a few requests for your WiFi password, you will soon capitulate. Maybe you will do so to only one neighbor; the one with whom you get along the most. You give them your password and make them promise not to share it with anyone else.

But the moment they leave you home, your neighbor starts sharing your WiFi password with everybody else. Never mind that they had previously promised not to do so. Before you know it, you will be the WiFi donor for the entire neighborhood. And instead of lasting you’re the whole month, you data plan will now last only a few days. If that is the case, you will know that it’s time to change your PTCL WiFi password.

Neighbors are always looking to hack into your password

We have written a number of articles on how to change the WiFi passwords in various countries. You can check out our how to change the WiFi password for Insta Telecom in Afghanistan article. One of the things that we have noticed while doing keyword research is that people are always on the hunt for how to hack into their neighbors’ WiFi! So much for having honest neighbors!

You should change WiFi password PTCL to keep hackers out

This is the second reason for learning how to change WiFi password PTCL. Neighbors are deadly when it comes to using up your data, but hackers are another matter altogether. They don’t really care about your data. What they are on the hunt for are your personal details, such as your bank account details and your passwords.

Should they lay their hands on that, then you could very well kiss your money goodbye. This is another reason why you should do a DSL WiFi password change on your PTCL modem. In fact, you should do so every now and again. That way, you will be able to protect yourself from hackers and other people with malicious intentions.


Hope this article has shown you how to change the WiFi password on your PTCL DSL modem. One thing that we noted is that hardware out there may be a bit different. However, generally speaking, PTCL WiFi password change steps are the same. The router I.P address is usually If that does not work, try That’s for newer modems. The router username and password are usually both admin. Inside your modem, look for the WPA/WAPI Passphrase section. This is where you change your PTCL WiFi password.

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