How to Change Insta Telecom WiFi Password

Are you looking for information on how to change your Insta Telecom WiFi Password? If that is the case, then you need to read this article. Insta Telecom is, without doubt, one of the biggest providers of telecommunications services in Afghanistan. If you are one of their customers, you may be looking to change your WiFi password. This is something that we advise people to always do, as you will see below. Anyway, here is how to change the Insta Telecom WiFi password;

Changing the Insta Telecom WiFi password

To change the WiFi password on an Insta Telecom WiFi router, you need to take the following steps;

  • First, you need to make sure that your computer is connected to your router WiFi
  • Open a browser on your computer and type in the I.P address:
  • Press the enter key on your computer to open a login window where you will be prompted for a username and password
  • Type admin into the username section.
  • Also enter admin as the password.
  • You will now be taken to the D-Link modem or ADSL dashboard
  • Go to the password section and type in your new password.
  • Confirm the change
  • Save all the settings and exit from your router Dashboard.
  • You will now need to relog into your Insta Telecom WiFi using your new password.

Settings may be slightly different

Broadly speaking, that’s how to change your Insta Telecom WiFi password. The process is not that complicated. However, some of the settings may be slightly different depending on your hardware. Perhaps you are using a different router. For most brands, the steps to get into the router’s Dashboard are almost similar.

That’s where you make changes to your WiFi Insta Telecom WiFi password. In fact, you will notice that changing the WiFi password is almost the same whatever country or router you may be using. We have other articles on how to change WiFi password PLDT Fibr. PLDT is for the Philippines. You will notice that the steps given above are almost the same.

You can find your router I.P Address via Command Prompt

One of the things that may be different when it comes to changing WiFi passwords for Insta Telecom is the I.P address for your router. Most of the WiFi routers that are out there use the I.P address However, there are some devices that use other I.P addresses.

So, if you try the instructions given above and you encounter a problem, that may be the issue. So, what do you do in that case? Well, the good news is that it’s quite easy to find the default I.P address for your Insta Telecom WiFi router. You can do so via Command Prompt. All that you need to do is take the following steps;

  • Connect your laptop to your WiFi network
  • Press on the Windows keys on your keyboard
  • Next, type in cmd in the window that comes up and then press on the enter button on your computer.
  • You will see your router’s I.P address in front of; Default Gateway.

You should change your Router password

You may have notice that there are 2 passwords that we have been talking about in this article. First, there is the WiFi password. Then there is the router password. The WiFi password is what most people who use Insta Telecom in Afghanistan seek to change.

But what about the router password? In fact, you should change this as soon as possible. Default router passwords are well known to thieves. So, if you leave it unchanged, you will be setting yourself up for hacking.

Most of the routers on the market will prompt you to change the admin password the first time you log into the router Dashboard. If not, go to Maintenance in your router’s Dashboard and change the admin password there.

Reset your router if you have been failing to login

Most people in Afghanistan change their router passwords and then they forget all about it. That because they only ever use a router password once or twice. However, this becomes a problem when it comes to changing the Insta Telecom WiFi password. Simply put, you cannot log into your router’s Dashboard without the router or admin password.

So, what do you do? The good news is that all is not lost. You can still change the WiFi Password for Insta Telecom by first resetting your router or modem. This can be done by pressing the recessed button at the back of your router. You need a toothpick or a pen to do it.

Why bother changing WiFi password for Insta Telecom

Most people out there blissfully go through life without ever bothering to change their Insta Telecom router WiFi passwords. However, that is not really a good idea. There are neighbors and hackers out there who are always on the lookout for opportunities.

It keeps out the neighbors

The neighbors are probably all your fault. Remember that neighbor who came to you saying they needed to get connected to the internet to check their mail. If you gave in, and gave them your WiFi password, then chances are high that they shared it with their friends and family.

Who, after all, can resist a freebie? After a while, you will notice your internet becoming more sluggish than it usually is in Afghanistan. And you start wondering what’s happening. Well, the answer could be that there are now too many people hogging your network. If that is the case, then it may be time to change the password on your Insta Telecom WiFi router.

Changing your WiFi password reduces the chances of your internet being hacked

The neighbors are all rather harmless as far as your WiFi is concerned. Well, they may be harmful to your pocket, but that’s as far as it goes. However, a far more serious reason for periodically changing the WiFi password on your Insta Telecom broadband router is that it reduces the chances that your personal data will be stolen.

Should that happen, then you will be in danger of losing sensitive information, such as your banking details. So, you need to change your WiFi password every once in a while. That way, nobody will be able to hack into you connection.


Hope this article on how to change your WiFi password on an Insta Telecom ADSL broadband, has been helpful to you. Remember that settings may be slightly different depending on the router that you have. In this article, we noted that the default password for your Insta Telecom WiFi router is admin. The username is also admin. You should change both your router and your WiFi password to protect yourself.


    1. Check on the router’s label. IT’s sometimes written on there. You can also check on a connected laptop. Google how to do that.

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