TP Link Login Username and Password Full List

Are you looking for the TP Link router default admin login username and password? If yes, then you have come to the right place. TP Link is one of the most popular manufacturers of routers in the world. If you have a TP Link router in your home or office, you may be looking to log into the device’s admin console. To do that, you need the default TP Link router username and password. That’s the information that we are going to provide you in this article.

TP Link Router Admin Username and Password

The default TP Link router username is admin. The default password is also admin. Unlike other manufacturers, TP Link uses the same username and password on all it’s routers. The table below contains a full list of TP Link routers, along with their default admin usernames and passwords;

Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
AC1750admin admin 
Archer A7adminadmin
Archer A8adminadmin
Archer A9adminadmin
Archer A10adminadmin
Archer AX20adminadmin
Archer AX21adminadmin
Archer AX1800adminadmin
Archer AX3000adminadmin
Archer AX11000adminadmin
Archer AX6000adminadmin
Archer AX50adminadmin 
Archer C6adminadmin
Archer C1200admin admin 
Archer C1900admin admin 
Archer C2admin admin 
Archer C2600admin admin 
Archer C3150admin admin 
Archer C50admin admin 
Archer C5400admin admin 
Archer C59admin admin 
Archer C7admin admin 
Archer C7 v2admin admin 
Archer C8admin admin 
Archer C90admin admin 
Archer D5admin admin 
Talon AD7200admin admin 
TD-854Wadmin ttnet 
TD-8616admin admin 
TD-8800 adminadmin 
TD-8810admin admin 
TD-8816admin admin 
TD-8817admin admin 
TD-8840admin admin 
TD-8961NDadmin admin 
TD-W8151Nadmin admin 
TD-W8901Gadmin admin 
TD-W8901Nadmin admin 
TD-W890iGadmin admin 
TD-W8910Gadmin admin 
TD-W8920Gadmin admin 
TD-W8950NDadmin admin 
TD-W8951NDadmin admin 
TD-W8960Nadmin admin 
TD-W8960Nadmin admin 
TD-W8960NBadmin admin 
TD-W8961Nadmin admin 
TD-W8961NTadmin admin 
TD-W8970admin admin 
TD-W8980admin admin 
TD-W9810Gadmin admin 
TL-ER5120admin admin 
TL-MR3220admin admin 
TL-MR3240admin admin 
TL-MR3420admin admin 
TL-R402Madmin admin 
TL-R460admin admin 
TL-R470T Plusadmin admin 
TL-R600VPNadmin admin 
TL-WA7210Nadmin admin 
TL-WDR4300admin admin 
TL-WR1043Nadmin admin 
TL-WR1043NDroot/admin admin 
TL-WR2543NDadmin admin 
TL-WR340Gadmin admin 
TL-WR340GDadmin admin 
TL-WR541Gadmin admin 
TL-WR542Gadmin admin 
TL-WR641Gadmin admin 
TL-WR642Gadmin admin 
TL-WR720Nadmin admin 
TL-WR740Nadmin admin 
TL-WR740NDadmin admin 
TL-WR741Nadmin admin 
TL-WR741NDadmin admin 
TL-WR743NDadmin admin 
TL-WR802Nadmin admin 
TL-WR810Nadmin admin 
TL-WR841Nadmin admin 
TL-WR841NDadmin admin 
TL-WR842Nadmin admin 
TL-WR842NDadmin admin 
TL-WR940Nadmin admin 
TL-WR941NDadmin admin 
Touch P5admin admin

I am still unable to log into my TP Link router. What do I do?

That’s the list of TP Link router admin usernames and passwords. Hopefully, this information will help you log into your router’s admin console. But there are some instances where you may fail to log in, in spite of having the correct details.

What usually happens is that people change their router passwords the first time that they log in. It’s advisable to do so. As you can see in the above table, all TP Link routers use admin as both the default username and the default password.

That’s well known to people. This can make it easy for people who wish to hack into your network to do so. So, it’s important to protect yourself. The best way of doing so is by changing the password on your router.

Unfortunately, some people soon forget their new TP Link router admin login passwords. Router passwords hardly ever get used. You can go years without having to use yours. Therefore, they are easy enough to forget. So, what do you do when it becomes time for you to log into your TP Link router?

Your TP Link router’s username and password can be found on the router label

You may have struggled to find you TP Link router default admin username and password. Maybe you spend a few minutes looking up the information on Google. But was that necessary?

Well, thing is, you didn’t actually need to spend any time looking for the default TP Link router login details. That’s because all the information that you were looking for was right there in front of you all along.

All routers that are out there come with router labels. On TP Link routers, this is usually underneath the device. The router label can also sometimes be found on the back of the device.

Wherever it is located, it comes with a lot of information that should help you get into the admin section of your router. The router label contains your router’s default IP address. This is needed for opening the web interface for your outer.

The router label also has your TP Link default admin username. You will also find the TP Link router default admin password on there. There is other information, but these are the details that we need to log into our router’s admin console.

Reset your router if you are unable to log in

It’s possible that you are failing to log into your TP Link router using the provided default login username and password because somebody has already changed the password. So, what do you do in that case? Does it mean you will no longer be able to log into your router?

Well, the good news is that all is not lost. Before you throw away your router, you should know that there is a simple way for you to recover from the loss of your TP Link router’s admin password.

All that you need to do is to carry out a router reset. All routers come with reset buttons on the back. These are pinhole buttons. You need something pointed, such as a pen, to press on your TP Link router’s reset button.

Push on the button for at least 15 seconds. You will see that you are succeeding as your router cycles off and on. Once the reset is done, you should be able to log into your router using the default TP Link router admin username and password.

Why look for the default TP Link router username and password?

There are a number of reasons why you may find yourself on the hunt for the default TP link router username and password.

How to log into your TP Link router

To log into your TP Link router’s admin panel, type into the address bar of your browser. The log in panel will come up. Type in the TP link router default username and password that we have just given above.

Who is TP Link?

TP Link is a Chinese company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of computer network equipment. The equipment that the company manufactures include wireless routers, range extenders, switches, routers, power line adapters, print servers, media converters, power banks and mobile phones. 

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