How to Change WiFi Password Etisalat

Do you wish to change the WiFi password for Etisalat in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Etisalat is probably one of the biggest companies in the telecommunications sector across the Middle East. If you are one of their customers, it is advisable to periodically change the WiFi password on your router to protect yourself from both neighbors and hackers. But how do you do it? Below we show you how to change your Etisalat WiFi password. This article has the following sections;

Etisalat WiFi Password Change

The following are the steps for changing your Etisalat WiFi password;

  1. First, connect your computer to the Etisalat WiFi network whose password you wish to change.
  2. Next, open a browser on your computer. In the address bar, type and press enter.
  3. You will now be taken to the login page for your Etisalat router’s admin page. Log in using the default username and password.
  4. The default username for an Etisalat router in the UAE is admin.
  5. The default password is also admin.
  6. Press enter when done. You will now be taken into the admin page for your router.
  7. In the admin dashboard, click on Advanced,
  8. Next, click on Wireless.
  9. From there, click on wlan2(2.4GHz)
  10. Then you need to click on Security.
  11. Now go to Pre-Shared Key and type in your new password.
  12. When done, click on Apply to save your changes.
  13. Go back to the 5GHz network and make similar changes. Read about dual band WiFi int he provided article.
  14. You will now have to reconnect all your devices using your new Etisalat WiFi password.

Tips on how to change my Etisalat WiFi password

As you can see in the instructions given above, it’s very easy to change your Etisalat WiFi password. Generally speaking, it’s easy to change the WiFi password on any router. We have written quite a number of articles on the subject over the past few months. One thing that we are always mentioning is that changing your password has a few basic steps. However, there are usually subtle differences, which can undo beginners. That is why we have decided to include this section in this article.

Basic steps for changing router WiFi passwords

If you check this article, you will see that we have an article on how to change WiFi password TalkTalk. TalkTalk is in the United Kingdom. We also have another article sur comment changer mot de passe WiFi Topnet. Topnet is in Tunisia. You will notice from all these articles that there are a few basic steps to changing WiFi passwords. But what are these basic steps? Well, you can see them below;

  • First, you need to have the default I.P for your router.
  • You also need to have the default username for your router.
  • Finally, you need to have the default password.
  • With this information, you will be able to log into your router’s admin page.
  • In there, you can change your Etisalat WiFi password.

Where can I get this information?

Those are the basics of how to change WiFi password Etisalat. You need to have the above mentioned information to complete the task. But where do you get this information? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to look far to find the information that you need to log into your Etisalat admin page.

You can find this information on your router. Look underneath it. Sometimes you will find the information behind the router. It will be printed on a white sticker. The sticker will have the default username, the default password and the default I.P address. Sometimes the default I.P will be in the form of a web page. That should not undo you because it’s one and the same thing.

Reset your router if you have forgotten you admin password

One thing that’s encouraged is for people to change their Etisalat routers’ admin passwords the first time that they log in. You will have noticed that the admin password is admin. That’s very easy to hack into. In fact, hackers know that admin is the default password for most routers. So, you may want to change that to something else.

However, some people quickly forget their new admin passwords after a short while. Then the next time that they try to get into their routers to change their WiFi passwords, they cannot do so because you need to have the admin password for your router to do that. So, what do you do?

Well, the good news is that you can recover easily from this situation. All that you need to do is to reset your Etisalat router. On most routers, a reset can be done by pressing on a pinhole button that’s at the back of the device. Find something with which to press on this button for at least 15 seconds. Some routers recommend 30 seconds. After you have done this, you will now be able to log into your router using your default login details.

You can use ipconfig to find your default I.P address

We noted that you need to have the default I.P address for your router to be able to perform an Etisalat WiFi password change. Without this, you will not be able to get into your router’s admin page. In this part, we are going to show you how to find the default I.P for any router using the ipconfig command in Command Prompt;

  • Connect your PC to the Etisalat WiFi network where you wish to do a WiFi password change.
  • Open Command Prompt on your computer. Simply search for cmd and open the icon that pops up.
  • Type ipconfig into Command Prompt and press enter.
  • You can now view the default I.P for your Etisalat router under the Default Gateway section.

Make sure that your new Etisalat WiFi password is secure

What’s the point of learning how to do an Etisalat WiFi password change? Well, in most instances, people decide to change their WiFi passwords for Etisalat as a security measure. Unfortunately, most people are rather lazy when it comes to WiFi passwords. This applies whether one is in the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere in the world.

People are just not bothered to come up with strong passwords. They use their names or their children’s names and birthdays as WiFi passwords. The result is that their security gets compromised. Somebody that knows you can easily break into your network. So, you need to take the following WiFi password changing tips to stay safe;

  • You should use both upper and lower cases in your password.
  • Your password should include some special characters. If you don’t know what special characters are, these are such things as *&^%$# and @. By using these, you ensure that nobody will be able to guess what your password is.
  • Your new Etisalat WiFi password should have more than 10 characters in it. Generally speaking, longer passwords are hard to hack into.

Why bother learning how to change WiFi password in Etisalat

That’s a question that we get a lot from people. When they hear our advise on periodically changing WiFi passwords, they come to us and ask, “why should I bother learning how to change my Etisalat WiFi password?” Most people are quite happy with their current Etisalat WiFi passwords. That happiness persists till their networks starts to behave strangely.

Maybe you will notice that the speed of your internet has fallen drastically. Or you will no longer be able to see your data through to the end of the month. In most instances, people start blaming Etisalat. However, they are usually not the cause of your problems. The following are some of the reasons why you should learn how to change WiFi password Etisalat;

Your neighbors have hacked your WiFi

Neighbors are always looking to hack into other people’s WiFi. It’s normal across the world. If you have WiFi in your home, chances are high that your good neighbors are actively engaging in spying in an attempt to steal your internet from you. We are not exaggerating here. It appears as if people around the globe think that it’s okay to steal internet.

That’s why you will find that how to hack into a WiFi network is quite a commonly used keyword. It doesn’t matter where you are. We have previously written similar articles for changing WiFi passwords for Ntel in Nigeria and for BT in the United Kingdom. In all these instances, people were found to be trying to steal from their neighbors.

What usually happens is that they use clever means to guess your WiFi password. Maybe they know you very well and they know your children’s names and birthdays. And because you used these in your password, it’s very easy for your neighbors to guess what your password is.

Once they are in, it becomes free for all. They start sharing your password with their friends and family. And they start downloading hilarious YouTube videos. The result is that your network will become overwhelmed. It will no longer be able to cope with all the connections that are made at once. And your internet will slow down. Should this happen to you, you will know that it’s time to do an Etisalat WiFi password change.

Do it to protect your family from hackers

Learning how to change your wifi password etisalat is also necessary as protection against hackers. Neighbors can be rather irritating. However, they are not that menacing a threat. Sometimes, you can simply talk to them nicely, and they will stop stealing your WiFi.

However, the same cannot be said of hackers. They care nothing for your data. They have bigger fish to fry. What they want are your banking details. They want to steal your very life. And before you know it, you credit card details will be floating around on the dark web.

So it’s important to periodically change your Etisalat WiFi password to confuse matters. And we need to emphasize on the need to come up with a very strong password to protect your network from these unwanted intruders.

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