How to Change Ntel WiFi Password

Are you looking to change the WiFi password on your Ntel router? If yes, then you need to read the instructions that are given in this article. One thing to note right at the start is that Ntel uses a number of router types for its WiFi. But not to worry! Generally speaking, the steps for changing WiFi passwords on routers from any manufacturer are similar. Anyway, Ntel is probably one of Nigeria’s biggest companies in the telecommunications industry. If you are one of the company’s customers, the following are the instruction on how to change your Ntel WiFi password;

How to Change WiFi Password Ntel Huawei Mi-Fi device

As noted, Ntel uses quite a range of WiFi devices. Of these, the Huawei Mi Fi device is probably one of the most popular. So, we are going to look at that here. To change your Ntel WiFi password, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Make sure that your Huawei Mi-Fi device is on and that your computer is connected to your Ntel WiFi network.
  2. Open a browser on your computer.
  3. Type into the address bar of your browser.
  4. You will now be taken onto the login page for your Ntel Huawei Mi-Fi device.
  5. Log in using the default username and password.
  6. The default username for a Ntel Huawei Mi-Fi device is admin.
  7. The default password for a Huawei Ntel Mi Fi device is also admin.
  8. After clicking on the Log In button, you will now be taken into your Huawei Mi Fi device’s Dashboard.
  9. Next, you need to select Settings.
  10. From there, you need to select WLAN in the left hand menu.
  11. Then you need to click on WLAN Basic Settings.
  12. You can now change your Ntel WiFi password on the WPA pre-shared key section
  13. When done, click on the Apply button.
  14. Close all windows and reconnect your devices using your new WiFi password.

Tips on how to change your Ntel WiFi password

Nigeria is well known for having… ahem, extremely creative people. Unfortunately, this creativity can be channeled in the wrong direction, which is why people from Nigeria have acquired something of an adverse reputation around the world. Anyway, we will come back to that later. The above instructions are how to change Ntel WiFi passwords.

However, one of the things that you will notice is that there can be slight differences in the way in which you go about changing your Ntel WiFi password. That’s because there are many devices in use out there. So, you may have a device other than the Huawei Mi-Fi device that we looked at here. Anyway, the following are the tips to help you make a Ntel WiFi password change, regardless of the hardware that you may have;

Check on your WiFi device for instructions

One thing that you need to do should the above instructions fail to work is to check on your Ntel WiFi router to find instructions on how to change its password. Usually, there is something written there, which should help make life easy for you. Most of the time, you will see a sticker, usually at the bottom, showing the default I.P address as well as the username and password. With these, you will be able to get into your router Dashboard to change the WiFi password.

You can find the router I.P address using Command Prompt

This is another important tip for those looking to change their Ntel WiFi passwords. One of the things that you may discover is that routers out there tend to have different default I.P addresses. This may apply even on devices from the same manufacturer. For Ntel WiFi devices from Huawei, we noted that the default I.P address is Should that fail, you can try If that still does not work, there is some good news. You can easily find what your default I.P address for your router is using Command Prompt. All that you need to do is take the following steps;

  • Search for cmd on your computer.
  • Open the Command Prompt window.
  • In Command Prompt, type in ipconfig.
  • Press enter on your computer.
  • You will find your router’s default I.P address on the section written Default Gateway.

You should have a strong password

If you are like the typical person in Nigeria or elsewhere, you are probably very lazy when it comes to WiFi passwords. That is the major reason why there tends to be torrid stories out there with regard to lost passwords. Most people are too lazy to come up with proper passwords.

So, they use their own names or their children’s names and birthdays. The result is that it is very easy to guess these passwords. This is something that you should never do. If you value your online security, you should come up with a very strong password that is difficult to break. The following are tips for coming up with a strong WiFi password in Nigeria and elsewhere;

  • Your password should be at least 10 characters long. You may think that that’s too much, but the longer a password, the harder it is to break.
  • Mix in uppercases and lowercases when creating your password. This will confuse those attempting to break into your network.
  • Use special characters such as _ and @ in your password. That will make it even harder to break.

Why you should change your Ntel WiFi password

Finally, we come to the motivation for this article. So, why should you bother changing the WiFi password on your Ntel MiFi device? Isn’t it better to simply keep the default password that you got when you signed up for Ntel WiFi? Well, this is something that we have already alluded to;

Changing your Ntel WiFi password keeps out freeloaders

Nigerians tend to be rather creative. Part of this creativity includes being always on the hunt for ways through which to get free internet. If you check on Google, you will discover that people across the country do lots of research on how to break into their neighbor’s WiFi. Some go to the extent of asking Google using those same exact keywords; “how can I break into my neighbor’s WiFi.”

Well, Google is renowned for being able to tell you everything. No doubt if you look hard enough, you will be able to find WiFi hacking tips somewhere on there. But the issue with neighbors and freeloaders is not always due to hacking. In fact, it usually is not. What actually happens is that people get their Ntel WiFi and they get all excited.

Then they go to their neighbors to brag. That’s another Nigerian quality, right? I mean, what would be the use of getting a cool WiFi device in your home if you cannot even brag about it? Anyway, people go to their neighbors to brag. A few days later, the neighbors drop by with various requests.

Perhaps they need to get in touch with their uncle in Abuja or in any other part of the country; and could you please them lend them your WiFi password for a day or 2? So, what do you do in that case? We are Africans, after all. It is not within us to not share with our friends and family.

Anyway, you try to resist for a few hours but then you eventually capitulate. Or your wife or child capitulates on your behalf and you hand out your precious WiFi password to your neighbor. You get them to give you their solemn promise that they are not going to share the password with anybody else.

However, a few minutes after leaving your home, they drop by another or your neighbors and they start bragging about your WiFi on your behalf. They even brag about the fact that you have already given them the password. To prove it, they share the password with everybody around the neighborhood.

And before you know it, you will be running out of data that’s supposed to last you a month within a day or 2. That’s because there is nothing like free data to get people to start downloading YouTube fail videos and other important stuff. Anyway, should the above scenario have happened to you, you may now be looking at how to change Ntel WiFi password.

Changing your password keeps out hackers

This is another reason for learning how to change the password on a Ntel WiFi router. It’s also related to what we have been saying already. Neighbors are annoying, but hackers are deadly. They don’t care about your data. After all, they have more than enough data of their own. What they are looking are ways through which they can get your passwords. This includes your banking passwords. So, should you leave your WiFi network unsecured or secured by a weak password, they will pounce in. The next thing you know, they will be doing shopping on your behalf at some of the most expensive shops in the country.

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