How to Cancel a Vodacom Contract

Do you wish to learn how to cancel a Vodacom contract? Vodacom is the biggest telecommunications company in South Africa. Many people take out contracts to get deals on gadgets such as phones, laptops and tablets. However, at some point, you may have discovered that the contract that you took out with Vodacom no longer suits your needs. You are here because you wish to terminate your Vodacom contract. The good news is that you can easily stop a Vodacom contract. So, how do you do it?

Steps to Cancel a Contract with Vodacom

The following are the steps that you need to take to cancel a Vodacom contract;

  1. First, you need to call 082 1958. That’s the Vodacom cancellations number.
  2. Tell the person on the other end that you wish to cancel your contract with Vodacom.
  3. The customer care operator will give you a cancellation fee.
  4. You will now need to pay this fee.
  5. After payment, your Vodacom contract with be cancelled.

What’s the cancellation fee?

Vodacom states that it charges a “reasonable,” cancellation charge to those looking to terminate contracts prematurely. But how reasonable are they? It’s clear that you are not going to walk from a contract scot free.

You signed an agreement, and there are consequences to leaving early. According to Vodacom, the reasonable amount is 75% of the amount remaining on your contract.

The following is the formula that you can use to find out how much you are going to have to pay when you cancel your Vodacom contract;

Your monthly subscription * months remaining on your contract *75% + any outstanding amounts.

What does this mean?

That’s the formula for those looking to find out how to cancel their Vodacom contracts. But what does this all mean? Again, we need to repeat that you are not going to walk away from a contract without paying anything.

But generally speaking, the less the number of months remaining in your contract, the less the amount of money that you are going to have to pay as Vodacom contract cancelation fees.

If you decide to cancel a contract when you still have one year remaining, you will pay more than someone that cancels with only a month or two remaining on their contract.

How do I see the number of months remaining on my contract?

To check the number of months remaining on your contract, you can use the Vodacom customer care number 082 111. Talk to an agent and they should be able to help you.

You can also check whether or not you are due for an upgrade using the information provided in the link. This method gives you when you will be due for an upgrade, as well as the start date for your contract. You can then work out how many months are remaining.

Why do people take out contracts?

You want to know how to cancel a Vodacom contract. But it’s important to briefly outline why people take out contracts with these companies in the first place. The main reason has to do with the fact that people want to get their hands on the latest in terms of technology.

To be frank, buying a cellphone directly tends to be rather expensive for most people. Some cellphones that are out there cost tens of thousands of Rands. The same applies for laptops. Most people cannot afford to get them in one go. So, it makes sense to take out a contract.

Under this deal, you get the gadget of your dreams. In return, you start paying an agreed upon monthly fee to Vodacom. So, it’s a big win for most individuals. On top of that, you are usually offered deals on data and on airtime as part of the contract. Maybe you will be getting such and such an amount of airtime and data per month.

But how does Vodacom benefit? Well, Vodacom benefits in a number of ways. First, a customer on a contract usually becomes a loyal customer. On top of that, people on contract pay way more than they would have had they chosen to buy phones and laptops for cash. It could probably be twice as much. So, that’s a lot of profit.

How long do contracts last?

Contracts with various networks in South Africa last different periods. With Vodacom, most contracts last 24 months. You can also get a contract for 12 months. That’s where the problem usually emerges.

Technology is changing seemingly on a daily basis. Most people are initially very happy with the phones that they get. However, these gadgets soon begin to appear outdated as new models are released. Hence the desire to know how to cancel your Vodacom contract.

Why would you want to cancel a Vodacom contract?

We have already outlined some of the reasons for wanting to know how cancel a Vodacom contract. But we will repeat them anyway. Perhaps you signed up for a contract with Vodacom out of the belief that you were going to be able to meet the monthly payments. However, something happened along the way and you can no longer afford the payments.

Maybe you have suddenly come to your senses and have realized that the cost of taking a contract is higher than you are willing to keep paying. As noted, you end up paying way more for your chosen gadgets. Nothing wrong with that in our view, since you will be getting phones that you would otherwise not have been able to afford.

Some people take out contracts with a provider for a phone or laptop, only to stop using the gadget after a week or so. It happens even to the best of us. Anyway, that could be the reason why you are here trying to learn how to stop a contract with Vodacom.

Another reason why some people decide to stop their Vodacom contracts is if they are looking to get a new type of gadget. Maybe your heart has been stolen by a new model phone. Unfortunately, you are still stuck with a contract from a year and a half ago. So, what do you do? You cancel your Vodacom cellphone or laptop contract.

In some instances, people seek to do cancellations when they have decided to change networks. It’s very easy to port to other networks in South Africa. Check out how to port from Vodacom to Telkom. If you are doing this, you will want to cancel your Vodacom contract. Maybe you will be taking a new one with Telkom? It’s up to you!


In this article we showed you how to cancel a Vodacom contract. We noted that this can be done by reaching out to Vodacom using the contract cancelations number. It used to be possible to cancel in any of the Vodacom stores that are out there. However, that facility is currently not available, so you need to use the method described above to cancel.

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