How to Check Vodacom Upgrade Date

Do you wish to learn how to check your Vodacom upgrade date? Have you been asking yourself, when can I upgrade to a new phone on Vodacom? Vodacom is the biggest mobile communications network in South Africa. Many of their customers take out contracts for gadgets that include laptops, cellphones and tablets. If you are one of them, you may be looking to know whether or not you are due for an upgrade. The following are the ways that you can check your upgrade due date on Vodacom

When Can I Upgrade Vodacom?

The following is how to check your Vodacom upgrade date;

  1. Using the SIM that has your contract with Vodacom, send UG via SMS to 31050. You will immediately get a message telling you when you can upgrade.
  2. It’s also possible to see when you can upgrade your contract and get new gadgets through the upgrade page on the Vodacom website. You can actually upgrade online, and your new gadgets will be delivered to you. This process is also done for free.

Why Upgrade your Vodacom Contract?

As a Vodacom customer, you enjoy a number of great deals, allowing you to own the latest smartphones and other gadgets. Unfortunately, the nature of technology is such that the latest gadget becomes obsolete a year of so later. That phone that you thought was on top of the world a year ago has now become ordinary.

It’s all about status for some people. As soon as new gadgets get released, you start wanting to lay your hands on them. Unfortunately, if you are still on a contract, you may need to wait a bit to acquire your new gadget. Of course, you could always pay cash, but who does that these days?

It’s way better to get a contract. All networks in South Africa allow for this. In fact, this is one way through which they get a lot of money. Through a contract, you end up paying way more than you would have had you decided to directly buy a gadget.

For customers, the advantage lies in having to pay small amounts per month for a phone, laptop or for any other gadget. Anyway, the primary reason for wanting to learn how to check the Vodacom upgrade date is so you can get new gadgets. Doing this allows you to always have the latest in terms of technology. That’s what life is about, isn’t it. We only live once.

Other people ask themselves; “when can I upgrade Vodacom,” because they have lost the gadgets that they got on contract. If you did not have insurance, it means you will continue paying for a phone or laptop that you no longer have. South Africa is full of thieves. Hundreds lose phones daily. Should this happen to you, you will be looking for your Vodacom upgrade date so you can get a new device.

How long are Vodacom contracts?

Vodacom contracts usually run for a period of 24 months. That’s 2 years. But does it mean you will be stuck with a particular gadget for that long? Well, not really. Vodacom allows people to upgrade at month 22 after they have gotten their contract.

So, you don’t have to wait the whole 2 years in order to be able to upgrade. But, before getting that Vodacom cellphone upgrade deals or deals for any other gadget, you need to be sure that you will be able to spend 2 years with that gadget. In other words, make sure that you are getting a device that you love.

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