How to Transfer Airtime from Vodacom to MTN

Do you wish to learn how to transfer airtime from Vodacom to MTN? Can you even transfer airtime from Vodacom to MTN? We get inquiries about this every now and again. That’s why we have decided to write this article. Vodacom and MTN are South Africa’s 2 biggest mobile networks. Many people will be looking at how to send airtime from Vodacom to MTN. That’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

Can you Transfer Airtime from Vodacom to MTN

It’s not possible to transfer airtime from Vodacom to MTN. If that’s what you were looking to do, you are going to have to find another way of sending airtime between the two networks. We explore solutions to this dilemma in the later part of this article.

Why it’s not possible to send airtime from Vodacom to MTN

There are number of reasons why it would be problematic to send airtime from Vodacom to MTN. From the point of view of the two networks, it would require serious programming to integrate their systems.

That’s because Vodacom and MTN are two distinct entities. They are different companies. Their call rates are different. What you buy from 10 rands on MTN is different from what you buy for the same amount on Vodacom.

Vodacom and MTN are also always running promotions, making the situation further fluid. Another factor is that though it would be possible to come up with systems to allow airtime to be send from Vodacom to MTN, these mechanisms are not in place at the moment and there is seemingly no regulatory incentive to have them put in place.

Why would you want to transfer airtime from one network to the other?

We have noted that people are looking at how to transfer airtime from Vodacom to MTN. But why are they looking for this information? Well, it all has to do with our spirit of togetherness as Africans. We share what we have with friends and family. We do it whether we like it or not!

Anyway, you are probably here because you have been asked to send airtime by someone close to you. Maybe it’s your boyfriend wanting to call his other girlfriend. Or maybe it’s your mom’s wanting to call her own boyfriend.

Whatever the case, you want to share the airtime that you have with friends and family. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to share airtime from Vodacom to MTN.

What can you do?

Having said that, there has to be a solution to this issue. Perhaps you could get someone on the same network as the intended recipient to send airtime on your behalf. You can then pay them in hard case.

You can also buy a scratch card for them and send it via SMS. That’s simple enough to do. Scratch cards are being sold allover the place. So, buy one for your recipient’s network.

Another drastic solution for those looking at how to transfer airtime from Vodacom to MTN would be to get everyone that you are close to on the same network. This solution may seem to be rather over the board, but it works well enough.

With number porting in South Africa, you can have these people port from MTN to Vodacom in no time. That way, you will all be on the same network and you will be able to enjoy the specials that are always to be had when making Vodacom to Vodacom calls.

You also have the option to send mobile money. This has slowly been gaining traction in South Africa. In terms of mobile money, the country lags behind other African countries though.


  1. I need to put airtime or Data on my MTN SA PAG number. I was basically forced to get MTN SA because someone logged into my backup Facebook account and use it as thow it was the person’s own Facebook account. Now I want to use my MTN number to create a new Facebook account.

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