How to Change Sky WiFi Password

Do you wish to the password on your Sky WiFi router? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Changing the WiFi password is something that most people neglect to do. The majority are happy to stay with the defaults. However, it’s safe to periodically make changes. That way, you can be sure that crafty neighbors and potentially deadly hackers are kept from your network. WiFi routers and modems tend to be points of vulnerability, and changing the password is one way of keeping yourself safe in the internet age. Anyway, the following is how to change your Sky WiFi password;

Sky WiFi Password Change Steps

To change your Sky WiFi password, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Connect your computer to the Sky WiFi network whose password you wish to change.
  2. Next, you need to open a browser on your computer and type in the I.P address
  3. Next, you will be to taken to the login page for your Sky Hub. Type in the default username and password.
  4. Note that the default username and password for your Sky hub can be found on the bottom of the device.
  5. In your Dashboard, you can now change your WiFi password from the default to whatever it is that you wish it to be.

Password changing tips

Generally, password changing steps are similar, be they for the Sky Hub or for the Virgin Hub. In fact, the way to change WiFi passwords is the same for most routers. To begin with, you need to have a default I.P address for your router. In most instances, that’s a variation of the given above. From there, you need to have the default username and the default password.

This allows you to get into your router’s settings page. Once in there, look for a section on which to change the Password. This is sometimes called by other names, such as the Pre-shared key. We have previously written on how to change Telkom WiFi password. We have another article on how to change the Password for Pakistan’s PLDT. You will notice that there are similarities in how it’s done. Anyway, below are some tips to help you change your Sky WiFi password;

The necessary details are printed underneath your router

Some people struggle when it comes to getting into their Sky Hub’s settings page to make WiFi password changes. However, that’s not actually necessary. In fact, everything that you need to get in there is printed underneath your router. You will find the default login details on there. With these, you should be able to get into your Hub’s dashboard to make changes to your password.

You can reset your Sky WiFi Hub if you have lost your password

What sometimes happens is that people change their WiFi passwords, but then they forget what these changes were. This usually happens if you choose a password that’s particularly hard to remember, not only for would be hackers, but also for yourself. That’s actually good, but you should probably write your password somewhere safe. Anyway, losing your router password is no cataclysmic event.

In fact, it’s very easy to recover. All that you need to do is a reset of your Sky WiFi router. Turn the device around, and you will notice a pinhole button somewhere at the back. Find something with which to press this button, such as a pin or a toothpick, and you should be good to go. You will now be able to get into your WiFi router’s settings page using the default username and password.

You can find the default I.P address using Command Prompt

This particular bit of information is probably not useful in this instance, considering that all the necessary information can be found underneath your Sky Hub. However, it’s never bad to learn something new. Perhaps your dog will someday eat the sticker on your hub and you will have nothing to consult.

In that rather unlikely case, this information should come in handy. Anyway, if you do not know what the default login I.P address for ANY router, it’s easy enough to find what it is. All that you need to do is to use Command Prompt on your computer. The following is how it’s done;

  • Connect your computer to your router’s WiFi.
  • On your computer, open Command Prompt. You can do this by simply searching for cmd and then clicking on the icon that comes up.
  • In command prompt, you should proceed to type in ipconfig.
  • The default I.P for your Sky hub is the one in front of Default Gateway.

You should always have a strong password

Most people take their WiFi passwords for granted. However, the fact of the matter is that these can become points of vulnerability. In many cases, if you have lived in a neighborhood for some time, it will be easy for your to guess what your neighbors’ WiFi passwords are. That because people are pretty lazy in this regard. As a result, they use their names and the names and birthdays of their children as passwords for their WiFi networks.

One thing that people do not realize is that people out there are obsessively on the hunt for unsecured or improperly secured WiFi networks. If you make it easy for people to get into yours, then you may find yourself losing more than mere data. That’s the reason for learning how to change Sky WiFi password. You need to know how to periodically do so to protect yourself. Anyway, the following password changing tips should come in pretty handy;

  • Your WiFi password should have more than 10 characters. If you can get it to 30 characters, and if you can remember that, then the better. Generally, the longer a password, the harder it is to hack into. Realistically, though, not many people are going to want rather long passwords. However, let 10 characters be the minimum on yours.
  • You should have both upper and lower cases in your password. The idea is to make it difficult for anybody to guess what your password is. Remember that Sky WiFi passwords are case sensitive. So, having capitals in there is a good way of boosting security on yours.
  • Another tip for those looking to change Sky WiFi passwords is that your password should have special characters in them. Special characters can be found on the first row above your normal keys on your keyboard. In most instances, you need to press Shift to bring them up. Anyway, examples of special characters are #@&% and *.
  • You should also throw in numbers in your WiFi password. Again, the goal is to make sure that people cannot easily guess what it is. But having numbers does not mean throwing in your child’s birthday, as people usually do. If you do that, a determined neighbor can easily break into your network.

Why should bother change WiFi passwords for Sky?

That’s a question that we get from people a lot. It usually stems from the fact that most do not wish to be bothered to remember one password after another. After all, our lives are swamped by passwords and PINs in one form or the other. Learning a new Sky WiFi password just seems to be a chore. Well, if you feel that way, then you could end up regretting your decision at the end of the day.

Changing your password is protection against hackers.

Having secure internet connections is essential because the internet has become essentially the gateway into our lives. That Sky hub that you take for granted has the potential to make life very difficult for you. If the wrong kind of people gain access, they can steal a lot of things, including your banking details.

If they can control of your Hub, they can even eavesdrop into your family’s activities. That’s rather scary. So, it’s important to learn how to change your Sky WiFi password. Otherwise, you will be opening yourself up to hacking. Password changes should be done perhaps once every 3 months. And remember the tips that we gave above.

You should change your WiFi password if you suspect that some is stealing your data

Hackers are the scariest interlopers when it comes to WiFi networks. However, they are not the only ones. In fact, the most troublesome people are neighbors and friends. They come to you in the dead of the night asking to be let into your network. And they know you inside out. So, it’s very easy for them to hack into your WiFi. Because you were lazy and used your child’s name and birthday as your password, it doesn’t take them long to figure it out.

Or they send their children who are friends with your own children to find out what your password is. Once they have it, they start sharing with others in the neighborhood. Free WiFi is free WiFi, right? We all look for it wherever we go. If you think we exaggerate, then you will be shocked to know that one of the trending keywords on Google is “how to hack into my neighbor’s WiFi.” Well, perhaps not that specific, but something along those lines.

So, your very neighbors can be a menace. One sign that they have succeeded is if your network suddenly feels swamped. Sometimes, you notice that you are being had because your data will no longer go all the way to the end of the month. I mean, there is nothing like free WiFi to get people to start downloading useless videos from YouTube. Anyway, should all this happen to you, then you can be sure that it’s time to change the WiFi password for your Sky network.

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