How to Change WiFi Password Virgin

Do you wish to learn how to change the WiFi password on your Virgin Hub? If yes, then this article will show you the right way of doing it. Virgin Media is one of the biggest Internet Service Providers in the United Kingdom. The company currently boasts of a customer base of over 5 million. If you are one of these people, you may be looking to change your Virgin router WiFi password.

Virgin customers get Hubs, which are just fancily named WiFi routers. These devices can be used, not only for wired connections, but also for wireless connectivity. In this article, we focus on the Virgin Hub 3, as well as on the Virgin Super Hub 1, 2 and 2ac. So, how do you change the password on a Virgin Hub?

How to Change WiFi Password Virgin Hub 3

If you are a Virgin customer and you have the Virgin hub 3, the instructions below should help you change your WiFi password;

  1. To start the process of changing your Virgin Hub 3 WiFi password, you need to make sure that you computer is connected to your Virgin Media Hub 3 using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Next, you need to open a browser on your computer. In the address bar, type in the I.P address
  3. This takes you to the default Hub 3 login page. Check on the bottom of your Hub for the default Hub 3 login details.
  4. In your Hub 3’s dashboard, you now need to click on Configure your WiFi connection.
  5. Go to where your current WiFi password is and choose Change.
  6. Type in your new password. Please read our password changing tips below for how you can create a secure WiFi password for your Virgin network.
  7. Finally, save the changes that you have made. Restart your devices and reconnect to your Hub 3 using your new password.
  8. Remove the Ethernet cable from the Hub 3.
  9. Restart your devices and reconnect to the Hub 3’s WiFi using the new password.

How to change the WiFi password on a Virgin Media Super Hub 1, 2 or 2ac

The above instructions are for the Hub 3. But what if you have the Super Hub 1, 2 or 2ac? How do you change your Virgin WiFi password in that case? Below is how to change WiFi passwords for the Virgin Super Hub 1, 2 or 2ac;

  1. Connect your computer to your Super Hub via an Ethernet cable.
  2. Next, you need to type in the I.P address
  3. Log into your Super Hub using the default username and password. You can find the default login details on a sticker underneath your hub.
  4. In your Super Hub’s dashboard, click on Wireless Network Settings.
  5. Go to the 2.4Ghz section and change your WiFi password.
  6. Next, go to the 5Ghz WiFi network and change your password.
  7. When done, click on Apply changes.
  8. When that’s done, remove the Ethernet cable from your hub and computer.
  9. Now you will need to restart you devices and log in using the new password.

How to change the Hub 3’s Settings Password

Just like any other router that’s out there, the Hub 3 comes with an Settings password. That’s not the WiFi password that we have been talking about above. Instead, this password is for getting into the Settings page for the hub. Generally, it’s advisable to change the Hub 3’s password from the defaults. It’s also advisable, from a security stand point, to periodically change the Hub 3’s password. The following is how to do it;

  1. Make sure that you computer is connected to the Hub 3’s network.
  2. Now open a browser on your computer and type in the I.P address
  3. Next, you will need to log into the Hub 3’s Settings page. This is done using the default password for your Hub.
  4. If you have forgotten what the default password for your hub is, you can find it printed underneath the device.
  5. Next, you need to click on Admin.
  6. From there, click on Change password.
  7. Now you can change your Hub 3’s password. You do this by first typing in the existing password. After that, you can type in the new password.
  8. Finally, you need to click on Apply changes.

How to change the Super Hub 1, 2 or 2ac’s Settings password

Again, we need to reiterate that we are not talking about the WiFi password here. We are talking about the Hub’s admin password. This is what enables you to get into your Super Hub’s dashboard to make changes such as the WiFi password. For the Super Hub, the instructions for changing the settings password are almost the same as given above for the Hub 3;

  1. Connect your computer to the Super Hub’s WiFi network.
  2. Next, open a browser on your computer and type in the I.P address;
  3. You will now be taken to the Super Hub’s login page. Login using the default username and password which you can find printed on the bottom of your Super Hub.
  4. You will now get a Security warning. Press on the OK button after reading it.
  5. This takes you into your Super Hub’s settings page. Choose Super Hub Settings.
  6. Now you can change you Super Hub’s settings password.
  7. When done, click on Save Password.
  8. Write down the password somewhere in case you forget it. Otherwise you will be forced to reset your Hub, as described below.

Important tips to help you change Virgin WiFi password

In the first part of this article, we showed you how to change the WiFi password for your Virgin Hub. The instructions were for both the Hub 3 and for the Super Hub 1, 2, and 2ac. That information should help you easily change your Virgin WiFi password. However, there are several other things that you need to be aware of, in case you run into trouble. The following are some change WiFi password Virgin tips that we have put together;

You can Reset you Virgin Hub’s if you have forgotten your password

What if you lose or forget your Hub’s password? Does this mean you will no longer be able to use your Hub? Well, the good news is that you can easily recover from such a loss by resetting your Hub. Like all the other routers that are on the market today, the Hub comes with a reset button somewhere on the back.

Turn it around and you will see the pinhole button for which you need a… well, a pin to press. Once that is done, you should be able to get in using the defaults. Note, though, that resetting your Hub sets everything back to defaults. It means you will now need to go through the process outlined above in order to set your passwords.

You can find the default IP address for any router using Command Prompt

This bit of information is applicable for any WiFi router that’s out there. And yes, the Virgin Hubs are just fancily named WiFi routers as already noted. Anyway, you may find yourself, at one point or the other, looking for the default I.P address for your Virgin Media Hub. We have already noted here that it’s and that you can find this information printed underneath your Hub. But there is another way through which you can find the default I.P address for your Virgin Hub. This involves the use of Command Prompt in the following ways; [

  • Connect your computer to your Virgin Hub’s WiFi network.
  • On your computer, search for Command Prompt or cmd.
  • Open the Command Prompt Window and type in ipconfig.
  • Scroll down to Default Gateway. You Virgin Hub’s default I.P address is the one that’s listed in front of Default Gateway.

You should always have strong passwords

A large chunk of the people who are out there use their names, birthdays and the names and birthdays of their children as their WiFi passwords. Part of the problem has to do with sheer laziness. The other part has to do with sheer forgetfulness. People worry that should they come up with strange, convoluted passwords for their Virgin WiFi networks, these will be easily forgotten. So, they go for the obvious.

Which is manna for hackers and neighbors, as you shall see. We have been carrying out research for this series of articles and one of the things that we have discovered is that one of the most commonly used search phrases out there is “how to hack WiFi password.” So, you see that people are actively on the hunt for your WiFi network’s password. You should, therefore, always use a strong password. The following tips should help you in this regard;

  • Your password should be longer than 10 characters. Generally, the longer the password, the harder it is for people to hack into your network. Researchers have previously discovered that most default passwords are less than 8 characters long. As an example, the default password on most WiFi routers that are out there is admin. Now, how difficult is that to break?
  • You should use both lower and upper cases in your password. Again, the aim is to make it as difficult as is possible for people to guess what your password is.
  • Don’t forget to include numbers in your password. Not yours or your children’s birthdays, but random numbers that have no relation to you.
  • Also change your WiFi’s name to something that your neighbors cannot recognize as belonging to you. Check out our article on the Best WiFi name ideas for 2020.
  • You should also consider hiding your WiFi network. That way people wont even be aware that the network is available.
  • Finally, each WiFi password should have special characters in it. Point is, even if you are lazy and you decide to use your name as your WiFi password, how is anyone going to get it right if it has characters such as @ and _ thrown in there?

Why change your Virgin WiFi password?

 It’s time for us to look a bit at the motivation. Why go through the trouble of changing the WiFi password on your Virgin Hub 3 or on your Super Hub 1,2 or 2ac? Aren’t the default passwords that you get when you get the gadgets strong enough? Well, in general, we can say it’s advisable to periodically make changes to your WiFi passwords for the following reasons;

Change Virgin WiFi password if there are now too many connections on the network

This particular problem has to do with human nature. After putting up your Virgin WiFi network, it’s inevitable that you are going to be asked for the password by friends and neighbors. The neighbors are particularly deadly, since they are not merely restricted to asking. They go to extremes, including by Googling how to hack into a Virgin WiFi network. Some even ask Google “how to hack into my neighbor’s WiFi network.”

We are all on the hunt for freebies, right? Anyway, at some point or the other, you will have capitulated, and you will have given your password to your neighbor. Or your kids will have revealed the password to their friends. Now, playing WiFi Father Christmas is all very well, if you are on an unlimited plan. Even then, fair usage rules may end up undoing you because when people get free internet, they really download videos of those pooches pandering on YouTube.

Another challenge that may befall you even if you are on an unlimited data plan is you will soon discover that your connection has slowed down considerably due to many people getting connected at once. Now, instead of seamlessly streaming your music and videos, you will be reduced to twiddling your thumps while that annoying circle is circling on your screen, indicating that the download is buffering.

And if you are a normal person, you will not be on an unlimited data plan. So you will discover to your dismay that the Virgin data that used to take you to the end of the month now only lasts a week or so. Anyway, should all this happen, you can be sure that it’s your neighbors who are mooching you of your internet. And you will know that it’s time for you to learn how to change WiFi password for Virgin.

Password changes keep hackers out

Now, neighbors stealing your broadband is all very annoying, but it is hardly alarming. What’s more alarming is having hackers in Punjab or in any other part of the world hack into your WiFi network. Should that happen, then chances are high that your losses will go beyond mere data. You could end up losing you banking details and your life savings. So, you need to be on guard. And one way of doing so is to make sure that you change your Virgin WiFi password every so often.

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