How to Change the WiFi Password on a Telkom Router

Are you wondering how to change the WiFi password for a Telkom router? If yes, then this article is for you. Usually, people do not bother changing their Telkom WiFi passwords. They remain on the same password for years. However, that is not advisable. WiFi passwords need to be periodically changed as a way of protecting yourself and your family from prowling hackers and other people with nefarious intends.

Telkom WiFi Router Password Reset Steps

The following is how to change the WiFi password on your Telkom router in South Africa;

  1. Make sure that you have an internet connection on your computer.
  2. Open your browser. It doesn’t matter which. You can use Opera, Edge, Chrome or any other browser.
  3. Type in Check out alternative I.P adresses below if that does not work.
  4. On the next page, type in your username and password. By default, both the username and password are admin.
  5. Press on Login, to get into your WiFi router settings.
  6. Choose Interface Setup.
  7. Select the option to change your Telkom router’s WiFi password.
  8. Enter the news key (password) that you wish to use.
  9. Save your changes

What’s the Telkom router IP address?

Most WiFi routers that are used by Telkom customers use as their I.P address. So, this is what you will have to try first if you want to log in as part of the process of changing the Telkom WiFi password. However, note that there are some routers that use alternative IP addresses. The following are the alternative Telkom router IP addresses that you should try should the one given above fail to work;


Consult your Telkom WiFi router’s user manual

If all these I.P addresses for Telkom WiFi routers do not work, you will be better off looking at the manual that came with your router to find the correct one. However, the above router ip addresses will work on Telkom WiFi routers 99% of the time, so you should be fine. If you no longer have the manual for your Telkom WiFi password, go online and you will be able to find the correct I.P address. \n\n\n\n

Why you Should Change your Telkom WiFi Username and Password

So, why should your bother to change your Telkom wifi username and password? We have already looked at this at the beginning of this article. The main reason for doing so is internet security. South Africa has witnessed a number of instances of people losing their personal data to thieves over the past few years. Many have lost financially as a result.

This, therefore, is a serious issue. It’s one of the reasons why South Africans tend to be skeptical about doing online transactions that are normal in other countries. So, you need to periodically make changes to your Telkom ADSL router’s WiFi password. That’s one of the ways of making sure that all your online transactions are secure.

The best way of doing this is to change login password for telkom wifi. You don’t just do it when there has been a breech. Do it every now and again and you should be good to go. Most people think that it’s only thieves that steal WiFi passwords. However, truth is, in most instances, passwords get lost the “innocent,” way. Perhaps you or your child gave it to a friend of a neighbour.

And before you know it, the whole neighborhood will be using your WiFi. We all love freebies, right! So, if you notice that your internet has slowed down significantly, this could be a sign that somebody may be ripping you off. Maybe the person that you gave the password gave it to two others, in spite of having sworn that they were going to safeguard it.

Being the WiFi father Christmas is all very well if you are on an unlimited data plan. However, if you are on limited bandwidth, you will find that you will be running out of data in a matter or days. Should that happen, then that will be a clear sign that you now need to change the wifi password for your Telkom ADSL WiFi router.

There will be slight differences depending on the type of router that you are using

One thing that we need to mention before closing this article is that there will be slight differences in the settings for changing the WiFi password on your Telkom ADSL router. It all depends on the type of router that you are using.

Presumably, you are not a complete dummy when it comes to technology. So you should be able to navigate your way in there to find the right settings. The most important part are the ones where you log into your router’s settings.

Once there, find there section where you can make changes to your password. This will sometimes be referred to as the “key.” So, that is what you should change.

How to change the Admin password on a Telkom WiFi router

You will notice that there are 2 passwords that we have referred to in this article. The first one is the admin password, which gets you into the system. Then there is the WiFi password, which we have just been describing above. This section will be helpful to those that wish to change the admin passwords for their Telkom ADSL routers. So, how do you go about doing it?

  • Log into your router’s admin area using the method described above.
  • Click on Maintenance.
  • Type in and confirm your new Admin password.
  • Save your changes

Why you should change the Admin password

Anybody that has your WiFi password can get into your router’s backend and there, they can change your WiFi password. So, you probably need to change the Admin password from the default as a way of protecting yourself. The good news is that not many people are aware that it’s so easy to play around with passwords for WiFi routers.

Another piece of good news is that most Telkom Wifi routers come the option to hard reset everything. This functionality is available on almost all WiFi routers. If you look at the back or you router, you will notice a small button that requires a pin to be pressed. This is what you use to reset the router to it’s default settings. When you do this, you would then need to go through the process of setting up your WiFi one more time.


This article was dedicated to showing you how you can change the WiFi password on your Telkom South Africa router. If you are in Zimbabwe, here is how to change the WiFi password on a TelOne ADSL router.

Please note that Telkom customers use a wide range of routers. You may be using a Huawei router, or one from ZTE. Other common router manufactures are Netgear and Asus.

What it means is that there may be slight differences in the ways in which WiFi passwords are changed. The basic steps are similar, as outlined above. However, there may be small differences. The good news is that you should be able to easily navigate around these.


    1. Where are you having a problem? Changing the password is almost the same whatever the network or router. You simply need to find the default login details. These are usually printed on the router. If not, admin is usually the username and password. In case you have previously changed things, you may need to reset the router. However, doing this removes the settings, which may leave you without internet. Telkom will provide you with the correct settings.

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