How much is DSTV Now?

DSTV Now is great if you wish to watch movies and other shows on your phone. Once you have signed up, you can use your tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone to stream live television. The great thing is that if you are a DSTV subscriber and if you have a valid subscription, there is really no reason for you not to use DSTV Now. Okay, you do need to have a strong data plan to make it work. Otherwise DSTV Now is a must for streaming live television anywhere and at any time. But how much is DSTV Now?

DSTV Now Price

DSTV Now is free for all DSTV subscribers. You don’t need to pay anything extra to stream DSTV shows onto your computer, tablet, smartphone or desktop. The thing to note is that you do need to have a paid up subscription. Otherwise you will not get any channels on your DSTV Now.

Another thing that people want to know is whether or not they will get all the channels that are in their bouquets when they sign up for DSTV Now. The answer is yes, your DSTV Now is pretty much in sync with your DSTV subscription. So, DSTV Now only gives your channels that you have subscribed for.

Hope this article helps you understand a bit more about DSTV Now. There are plenty more articles on this blog covering DSTV Now. Feel free to check them out! If your DSTV Now channels are not showing, check out the article in the link for more information.

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