Prolink Router Default Password and Username

Do you wish to find the Prolink router default password and username? Prolink is a major manufacturer of networking equipment, with a presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and across the globe. If you have a Prolink router in your office or at home, there may come a time when you need to log into the admin section of the device. This can only be done if you know the default Prolink router login details.

Default Prolink Router Login Details

The most common Prolink router default password is password. The default username is usually admin. If that combination does not work, you can try admin for both the default username and password. Another possible combination is admin for the username and 1234 for the password. The table below provides a sample of the most popular Prolink router models, along with their default admin login details. We cover classic routers, DLS routers and mobile routers.

Prolink router modelDefault usernameDefault password
Xtend Pro

The router that I have does not feature on the list

Prolink is a big manufacturer of networking equipment. They have been in business since 1991. In that time, they have manufactured a wide range of routers, many of which are still in use today. And they continue to churn out new equipment.

It should not be surprising, therefore, that you may find your particular router model not available on our list. Should that happen, what can you do? Does it mean you are lost?

The answer is no. We have already noted that the Prolink router password is usually password. That’s what you should try first. For the username, you can try admin first. It doesn’t matter what your router model is. The combinations that we highlight here should work.

The correct details are usually on the router sticker

All routers come with sticker somewhere on the back or on the bottom. This sticker has a wealth of information about the device. The information provided differs from one make to the next.

However, on most routers, you will find the default details for logging in. You will find the router IP or web address. You will find the admin username. You will also find the admin password.

So, this should be your first port of call. Instead of running around looking for the Prolink router password, you should look on the device itself to find out if it’s not there.

In the event the password was changed, reset your router

Some people change their Prolink router default password upon logging in for the first time. That’s done for security reasons. We have just pointed out that the defaults are well known.

It’s the same whether one is talking about the default Huawei password of about the default Cisco router password. There is a pattern to these passwords.

So, it’s easy for people who have access to your WiFi password to change the admin login details on your Prolink router. People sometimes do this because they just wish to be naughty.

Then there are others who do it out of malice. They wish to steal your banking details and other stuff. Remember we now do everything on our computers.

In any case, changing the Prolink router admin password is a good way of protecting yourself. But what do you do if you then go on to forget this new password. Many people do this.

The answer lies in resetting your router. If you check on the back of the device, you will find a reset button. Press on it till the lights on the device have switched off and then on. From there, log in using the default Prolink router password and username.

Why look for the Prolink router password

In this article, we gave you the Prolink router default admin login details. But why would you look for this information in the first place?

Well, there could be any number of reasons. Some people do it because they wish to change their passwords. You may have to do this if you think your router has now been compromised. There are always people looking to gain access into places where they are not wanted.

Other people want to log in because they wish to change their WiFi names. We are always saying your WiFi name should have nothing to do with you. If you are called John, don’t name your WiFi John’s WiFi, lest you motivate your neighbors to start looking for ways to hack into your network.

There are many more changes that are only possible from within the Prolink router settings page. Hence you are here looking for the Prolink router default password.


In this post, we gave you the Prolink router password and username. We noted that Prolink routers are popular in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. They are used by thousands of people in each country.

We gave a table featuring the most popular Prolink routers. The table included newer models. Alongside each model, we gave the default login details. Feel free to comment below if you have something to say. Otherwise, have a good day!

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