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Can you play Music on the Kindle Paperwhite?

Can you play music on a Kindle paperwhite? That’s something that a lot of readers are interested in finding out. If you are like me, you probably like to listen to some background music while reading your books. This is something that you can do if you are reading on a computer or on your […]

How to Check the Available Storage on a Kindle

We are all descendant from hunter gatherers, and you may discover after using your Kindle Paperwhite (or any other Kindle), for some time that you have gathered so many books that you are no longer certain how much storage remains on the device. Kindle eBook readers largely do not come with the ability to extent the storage, […]

Can you Browse the Web on a Kindle Paperwhite?

Can you browse the web on a Kindle Paperwhite? The Kindle Paperwhite is, it has to be said, one of the greatest inventions of the past decade. If you are looking for a device that provides you with a reading experience that’s at par with what you get when reading books that are made of paper, then […]

How to Set the Time on a Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite, unlike mobile devices, does not automatically set the time when connected to the internet. What this means is that you actually need to set the time on your device manually. For many people, having the correct time is of importance, particularly when reading. You don’t want to stay up way past your […]

Kindle vs Tablet for Reading: Which is Best?

Kindle recently released an all new version of the Paperwhite eBook reader. Feel free to order yours by clicking on the image below or on this link. You may be wondering, however, whether or not it is worth taking the leap to a Kindle from a conventional tablet. After all, you can easily download the […]

Why you Don’t Need a Screen Guard on a Kindle Paperwhite

I see a lot of you Googling: “Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation screen protector,” or “Kindle Paperwhite 2019 screen protector.” Somebody even looked for a “tempered glass for kindle.” Why do you want to spoil your reading experience? The Kindle Paperwhite does not need a screen protector! You will only spoil the reading experience! It’s not […]

How to Turn off Recommended Books on a Kindle

If you have just purchased a Kindle, you will notice that the “Home,” screen comes with a “Recommended for you,” section. Now, there is nothing wrong with getting recommendations about books that fall in line with your interests. However, on a Kindle Paperwhite, the section tends to eat up space that could otherwise be used […]

Can Amazon Detect Pirated Books on a Kindle Paperwhite?

Can Amazon detect pirated books on a Kindle Paperwhite? The fact that you have Kindle Paperwhite, or any other Kindle device for that matter, probably means you love to read. If you are like me, you go through 2 or 3 novels every week. I know, I am a bit obsessive, but I just love […]

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