How to Reboot a Kindle Paperwhite

Towards the end of the year 2018, Amazon released the latest version of its famous Kindle eBook reader. The Kindle Paperwhite 2018 edition now comes with a wide range of new features, including;

  • A screen that is flash with the bezel
  • Bluetooth for listening to audio books on external speakers
  • The device is now also waterproof.

Rebooting the Kindle Paperwhite

Most of the time, the Paperwhite works pretty much as it was designed to. One of the things that we are always heralding on this blog about the Paperwhite is the fact that the device does not subscribe to gimmicks. It was designed to be a great eBook reader, and it achieves this aim without trying to be anything else. You cant listen to music on the device. Neither can you watch movies. But the e-ink display on the Paperwhite gives you a reading experience that’s at par with what you would expect on an actual book.

How to reboot the Kindle Paperwhite

Here is how to reboot the Kindle Paperwhite;

  1. Click on Settings on your Paperwhite
  2. Next, click on “All Settings.”
  3. In the Settings Window, click on “Device Options.”
  4. Next, click on Restart your Kindle
  5. Confirm that you wish to restart your Kindle.
How long does it take to reboot the Kindle Paperwhite

Now, your device will be rebooted. You will notice your screen flashing several times during the process. Clearly, the Kindle Paperwhite is not designed to be booted up fast. Nevertheless, it still performs reasonably well. Mine took about a minute and a half to go through the reboot process.

Why you may need to reboot your device.

Most of the time, there is really no need for you to reboot your Kindle Paperwhite. However, you may want to do so should you find your device performing at a less than optimal pace. You may also wish to do so if you are writing an article about rebooting a Kindle Paperwhite and need to be absolutely clear about the subject.

3 thoughts on “How to Reboot a Kindle Paperwhite”

    • Hmmm. Maybe yours is dead then. Rebooting can also be done by long pressing on the power button. Try that. Also try charging your device. Maybe it ran out of power. Or try another charger. If everything fails, reach out to Amazon. If your device is still under warranty, you can return it. Otherwise, you can use one of their upgrade offers to get a new Kindle at an affordable rate.

  1. My kindle warranty expired by FIVE days! All Amazon would do is give a 15% discount on a new one! Sooo, what happens next time it dies? It doesn’t seem that Amazon stands by their product!


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