What do you do with a Kindle Paperwhite?

If you have recently bought or gotten as a gift a Kindle Paperwhite, you may be wondering what to do with the device. To be frank, there are not many things that you can do with a Paperwhite, but that is the beauty of it! Forget about all that gimmickry that is typical of other electronic devices. A Paperwhite does one thing and it does it really good! So, what can you do with a Kindle Paperwhite? This article looks at how to use a Kindle Paperwhite. The following are some of the things that you can do with a Paperwhite;

  1. Reading books: A Paperwhite is primarily about reading eBooks. You can download thousands of books onto the Paperwhite and you will be able to read them at your leisure.
  2. You can browse the internet using your Kindle Paperwhite. At least that’s the case for latest versions. But the experience is going to be rather terrible. A Paperwhite has a black and white screen that makes internet browsing unappetizing. Indeed, the device only has a trial browser. The aim is probably only for you to be able to visit Amazon to buy books!
  3. You can listen to audio books on the Kindle Paperwhite. This applies for the 2019 version. Good luck if you have earlier versions! The 10th Generation Paperwhite has a Bluetooth chip that enables you to connect to a Bluetooth device and listen to audio books.

What you cannot do with a Kindle Paperwhite

Finally, the following are some of the things that you CANNOT do with a Paperwhite;

  1. You cannot watch videos. Forget about YouTube! The Paperwhite is all about reading books and does not have too many gimmicks.
  2. You cannot play games on a Paperwhite. Again, this has everything to do with the device being highly specialized.
  3. You cannot play music on a Kindle Paperwhite. Which is just as well as it may negatively affect battery life.

That’s it! If you think we have not fully answered the question; “what do you with a Paperwhite,” then feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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