Can you Browse the Web on a Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is, it has to be said, one of the greatest inventions of the past decade. If you are looking for a device that provides you with a reading experience that’s at par with what you get when reading books that are made of paper, then you wont go wrong with the Paperwhite? But, other than that, can the Kindle Paperwhite do anything else? Can you browse the internet using a Paperwhite?

Using the Paperwhite to access the internet

The answer to the above question is, yes, you can browse the internet using the Kindle Paperwhite. The device comes with an experimental browser, which you can use to visit various web pages.

Why does the Paperwhite have a browser?

The browser on the Kindle Paperwhite is, as we have already noted, experimental. It appears to have been designed simply to enable people to buy books from Amazon. So, it has nothing to do with enabling you to surf through the web as you would on your tablet or on your computer.

Is the browser on a Kindle Paperwhite good?

The Kindle Paperwhite comes with a black and white screen. It follows therefore that you will only have a black and white view of the sites that you visit. This takes away much of the pleasure of surfing the internet.

The browser on the Kindle Paperwhite is, as already stated, still actively being developed. In our experience, it works, but don’t expect much from it.

Can the Paperwhite do anything else?

Many people are used to using their gadgets to perform various tasks. The Paperwhite is unique in that it takes a rather utilitarian approach and provides you with a great reading experience while doing nothing else.

If you would rather have a gadget that enables you to read books, watch movies and listen to music, then the Paperwhite is not what you are looking for.

If, on other hand, you are looking for the best eBook reader that can be found anywhere in the world, then you should opt for the Paperwhite.

Which sites can you visit on the Paperwhite?

You can visit any website using the browser that is on the Kindle Paperwhite. However, as already noted, the reading experience is not going to be the best. You can even visit YouTube on your Kindle Paperwhite. However, you are not going to have any luck playing any of the videos that are on there. Believe me, I tried. The Kindle Paperwhite’s experimental browser, in my view, works best for those that simply wish to read the news or check out a few things on the internet while also reading their books. So, yes, you can browse the Web on a Kindle Paperwhite. However, the experience is rather rudimentary.

2 thoughts on “Can you Browse the Web on a Kindle Paperwhite”

  1. Have you been bought by Amazon? No, that stupid browser can’t be used to surf the web! It would be pretty cool, but Amazon isn’t doing any development since 10 years with this browser. Whatever website I try, the answer is rubbish or a blank page.
    The only things you can use this browser for is buying new books on the Amazon store and, if you are lucky, logging into a guest wifi. That’s it.
    I got a new firmware update last month. The browser didn’t get an update, but the paperwhite now shows ads, although I bought it without them.
    Today, I can’t recommend anyone to buy anything from Amazon. Amazon is completely “Made in China”.

    • Well, I wish Amazon would buy me. I would spend the last of my days in the sun somewhere. Oh, what a dream! Anyway, the ads shouldn’t be there if you bought without. Second, the browser is for buying books. You can’t use it for anything else. But why would you want to do that? The appeal for me when it comes to the Paperwhite is that it does one think and it does it real well. I don’t want distractions while reading my books.


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