How to Cancel Voicemail on Vodacom South Africa

Do you wish to learn how to cancel voicemail on Vodacom in South Africa? The voicemail facility is useful for most people. It allows you to divert calls to your number to a voicemail message. Doing this means the person calling you can leave you a message, which can be good, particularly for those in business. However, there are instances where you may be looking to stop diverting your Vodacom calls to voicemail.

How to stop your calls from going to voicemail

To cancel voicemail on a Vodacom phone in South Africa, you need to do the following;

  1. On your Vodacom phone, dial ##002#.
  2. You will now get notification that all call diverts have been cancelled.

Why cancel Vodacom voicemail

So, why would you wish to stop the Vodacom voicemail service? We have already noted that Voicemail is a good way of staying in touch. It means you will never lose important calls.

When people get in touch with you and you are engaged on another call, they can leave a voicemail message. Here is how to set up Vodacom voicemail. But what’s the reason for cancelling Voicemail on Vodacom?

One reason for doing so is if you no longer wish to have people leave you voicemail messages. Perhaps you have been getting too many of these messages. There are people out there who may abuse this facility.

Or maybe you have other reasons for wanting to cancel voicemail on Vodacom. Whatever your reasons, we hope that this article has been of help to you. You may also be interested in this article on how to check subscriptions on Vodacom in South Africa.

Does this work on other networks?

Yes, the steps given in this article work very well on other networks. It doesn’t matter what the network you may be on. The tips given here are how you can get rid on Vodacom voicemail. Later on if you decide to go back to voicemail, it won’t be that difficult to do so. You will simply need to follow the steps outlined in this post.

1 thought on “How to Cancel Voicemail on Vodacom South Africa”

  1. While voicemail can be very useful, but for people over 80 who are having difficulties to do normal phone operations it very challenging if not impossible.

    In this particular case, my aunt (88 years old) bought a new itel it5026 cellphone and could not receive calls. All call made to her number were directed to voicemail.

    After searching the net, I eventually found this ##002# to cancel it.

    As a side note there was no instruction booklet in the box and PEP store at the Langeberg Mall in Mossel Bay
    where she purchased the phone and a replacement SIM card, due to a burglary, were of no help.


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