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  1. Weird as netflix runs smoothly, phones in the room get 70Mbps download with a 5ms latency and the netflix connection test says it’s 56Mbps. Dstv Now freezes constantly and then buffers, does the same with the tv in the living room that’s connected with a LAN cable on our rooter, we have a 200Mbps download fibre package.

    1. Okay. It’s always a difficult one to pin down, isn’t it? Sounds like your internet is more than adequate. Offhand I would say maybe you are running too many connections at once? Mind you I am just fishing… Or maybe you need to change your browser. Or reload the browser. Or choose a lower quality connection on the settings button while watching your channel. Maybe go to 720p. Or restart your devices… All possible solutions. If no joy, then get in touch with DSTV. They will probably blame it on your internet but hey…!

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