Number of Toll Gates Between Harare and Kariba

Are you looking to visit Kariba from Harare or the other way round? Have you been wondering what the number of toll gates between Harare and Kariba is? If yes, then this article is for you. Find out the number and location of the tollgates between Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, and Kariba, one of it’s prime tourist destinations.

Harare to Kariba toll gates

There are 2 toll gates between Harare and Kariba. So, if you are traveling between these 2 locations, you are going to account for these two tollgates.

Where are the tollgates between Harare and Kariba located?

The first toll gate between Harare and Kariba is located at Inkomo, 40km from Harare along the Harare to Chirundu road. The second tollgate on the road from Harare to Kariba is located at Lions Den, 22km from Chinhoyi, along the Harare Chirundu highway.

How much are the tollgate fees

Toll gate fees in Zimbabwe are liable to change at any moment due to the inflationary environment in the country. You can check out the current fee on the Zinara website. However, at the time of writing this article, the toll gate fee were as presented in the table below;

[table id=60 /]

Toll gates between Kariba and Harare: Rest Stops

The road from Harare to Kariba is scenic, and there is no shortage of rest stops along the way. Major towns on the highway include Chinhoyi and Karoi. You can stop in any of these towns to rest. However, the really great view comes when you get to the Makuti turnoff. Here, you begin the long, winding descent towards Kariba. The drive is definitely not for the fainthearted. It is exhilarating, nonetheless.

From Makuti to Kariba, there are 66km, all of which are along this beautifully winding road. You can see, while driving along, valleys far beneath, all of which an be both terrifying and exhilarating.

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