What’s the Data Usage for DSTV Now?

DSTV recommends that you only use DSTV Now if you have an unlimited data plan on your mobile device or if you are connected to unlimited WiFi. And that’s for good reason! Streaming live shows and other programs is obviously going to consume a lot of data. So, how much data do you use when using DSTV now? Here is information about data usage for DSTV Now.

Standard Definition (SD)1.9MB per minute
High Definition (HD)13.5MB per minute

How to reduce data usage on DSTV Now

There are a few things that you can do to reduce data usage on DSTV Now;

  • Stream only in SD. As you can see in the above table, streaming shows in SD is way cheaper on data than streaming in high definition. To be frank, you are hardly going to notice the difference when watching shows on your mobile phone. The screen is small enough that even SD will look good.
  • Only watch your shows when connected to unlimited WiFi: If your workplace or some other place where you get internet for free has unlimited broadband, then you can use it to watch shows via DSTV Now. Don’t get fired, however!
  • Buy DSTV Now data bundles: A couple of enterprising networks in South Africa have come up with DSTV Now data bundles. One such example is MTN. These are designed to make streaming shows onto mobile devices cheaper.

Can you watch DSTV Now on Mobile Data?

Yes, you can watch DSTV Now on mobile data. I have already mentioned that you can buy DSTV Now data bundles if you are on MTN. You can also watch DSTV Now on your ordinary mobile data. However, you are going to need to be very well heeled to do so. DSTV Now consumes so much data that the entire affair is not practical for the ordinary person on mobile data!

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