Does DSTV Now have HD?

DSTV Now is a great way of ensuring that you are getting the most out of your not so cheap DSTV subscription. To be frank, it actually feels like cheating sometimes. I personally use DSTV Now, and instead of watching TV on one device, I can watch using my TV, my phone, my tablet and my laptop. DSTV Now allows you to stream to 2 devices at once.

So, you can have someone watching on their smartphone, while another person will be watching on their computer. Yet another person will be watching on the TV in the living room. All of this for the price of one subscription. Anyway, many people want to know whether or not DSTV Now has HD? If you are one of these people, here is your answer;

Yes, DSTV Now has HD

The answer to that question is, yes, DSTV Now has HD. What this means is that you can watch your favorite shows and movies on your phone or computer in high definition. In fact, on these small screens, picture quality tends to be very high quality. It’s all going to depend on the quality of your monitor, of course. But generally speaking, you get very high definition pictures on your computer or smartphone.

What’s the Highest Resolution for DSTV Now?

The highest resolution for DSTV Now is 1080p. This is followed by 720p. Then you go to medium resolution which is 576p. The lowest resolution on DSTV Now is 360p.

Resolution and Data Usage

You may wish to check out our article on DSTV Now data usage. Needless to say here that the higher your resolution, the more the data that you are going to need when streaming video. You can see in the above screenshot that at a resolution of 1080p, you are going to need about 2.3GB/hr in data. That’s a lot! It means that you may need up to 10GB of data to watch 5 hours of programming.

However, you can reduce your data usage by reducing the resolution to 360p, which consumes around 210MB per hour. With that, you will only need perhaps 1GB per day, which may still be a lot for most people. Anyway, DSTV Now works best if you have an unlimited data plan. Or if you are on one of those DSTV Now plans that are offered in South Africa.

Note that choosing a lower resolution may be good for data consumption, but it’s bad for picture quality. This is something that you are probably not going to notice that much on a phone. But as your screen gets bigger, you will notice the reduction in picture quality.

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