Available DSTV Packages in Zimbabwe

DSTV pretty much rules the roost as far as the provision of Satellite TV services in Zimbabwe is concerned. In fact, with the virtual folding of Kwese TV, DSTV now has a monopoly on the market. DSTV offers a number of packages for the Zimbabwean market. These are, more or less, similar to those that are offered in other countries, such as Zambia and South Africa. Here, in any case, are the available DSTV packages in Zimbabwe;

  1. DSTV Lite

This is the entry level offering for Zimbabwe from DSTV. DSTV Lite costs only $7 per month, making it one of the most affordable packages that you will be able to find out there. We are, of course, talking about real USDs, so the package may not be that affordable, after all, in RTGSs.

DSTV lite offers local sports channels, as well as other channels that cover telenovelas, movies, news, documentaries and more. Check out all the DSTV Lite channels in this article.

  1. DSTV Access

This is another of the available DSTV packages in Zimbabwe. DSTV Access costs USD 11. This in fact, is a package with which I am very familiar. It offers more than DSTV Lite, but is rather frugal when it comes to Sport.

In fact, I don’t even bother turning on the DSTV sport channels. Not that there is nothing on there. Sometimes, you will get an EPL game or two, but those are usually for not so popular teams. You can check out the channels that are available on the DSTV Access bouquet by following this link.

  1. DSTV Family

This is the 3rd package, as far as DSTV in Zimbabwe is concerned. DSTV family costs $17 and comes with more channels when compared to DSTV Access. These include Universal Channel, Sonny Max, Africa Magic and a lot more.

However, when it comes to Sports, DSTV Access is still rather lacking. You will get local sports and the occasional EPL game, but really, its’ nothing to write home about. All the channels that are in the DSTV Family bouquet are listed here.

  1. DSTV Compact

For EPL lovers, DSTV Compact is really where the fun begins. Pegged at USD$ 25, DSTV Compact comes with a lot of movie channels, including M-Net Action. Documentary lovers can also satiate their hunger through Animal Planet and National Geographic Channels

DSTV compact also has SuperSport 3, which carries EPL action. This, you may remember, used to be a bone of contention, with Zimbabweans complaining that they were not getting, for the same amount, the same level of entertainment as South Africans.

That was because SuperSport 3 used to be available on the DSTV Compact South Africa bouquet, while it was unavailable for the Zimbabwean package. This situation has long since been rectified, and the DSTV Compact package is now a favorite in Zimbabwe.

  1. DSTV Compact Plus

The DSTV Compact Plus package is another of the available DSTV packages in Zimbabwe. Coming in at a cost of $40, you will definitely need to have a constant supply of forex to keep your subscriptions up to date.

For Sports Lovers, the DSTV Compact Plus bouquet is definitely ideal. It adds channels such as SuperSport  10 and SuperSport 5 and 6 that are not available in the DSTV compact package.

  1. DSTV Premium

This is the final of the available DSTV packages in Zimbabwe. DSTV premium literally has every channel that’s available in all the other bouquets. Okay, maybe not all; we have noticed that some channels are available in the DSTV Compact bouquet and not in DSTV premium.

However, DSTV Premium should have all the angles covered as far as your entertainment is concerned.

That’s hardly surprising, considering that a subscription will set you back 65 United States Dollars. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this article. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below. Otherwise have a good day.

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