Telkom Customer Care Number South Africa

Are you looking for the Telkom Customer Care number for South Africa? Telkom is South Africa’s biggest fixed line network telecommunications provider. It also provides a wide range of wireless communication services. Telkom customers can contact the company using the following toll-free numbers;

Telkom South Africa Customer Care Contact Details

The following are the Telkom customer care services numbers. Note that the numbers are divided into home, business, enterprise and mobile categories. Use the number that corresponds with your service with Telkom.

Home Customers

  • 10213 if you have a sales related query
  • 10120 for customer services

Business Customers

The Telkom customer service numbers for business customers are given below;

  • 10213 if you want to talk to sales
  • 10217 for services

Enterprise Customers

  • Enterprise customers can reach Telkom using the number 10214

Telkom Customer Care Number for Mobile Users in South Africa

We have already noted that Telkom is not limited to landlines. It also competes on the mobile telecommunications sphere. If you are a customer, you can reach the company for queries on the following number;

  • 081180

Do I pay to reach Telkom Customer care numbers in South Africa?

No, you do not need to pay anything to reach Telkom customer care in South Africa. However, this only applies if you are a Telkom customer. If you are not a customer, then normal telephone charges apply. You may be better off reaching the company via email if your are worried about charges.

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