Ericsson Router Default Password and Username

Are you looking for the default password and username for your Ericsson router? Ericsson is not one of the biggest router manufacturers out there. Not when there are so many Chinese brands churning out cheap equipment seemingly on a daily basis. But Sweden based Ericsson is still a networking equipment giant around the world. Their routers are high quality and high capacity. If you have one of these routers in your home or in your office, a time may come when you need to access the admin section of the device. To do that, you need the Ericsson router password and username.

Ericsson Router Default Login Details

The default Ericsson router password is root or admin or user. The default most common username on Ericsson routers is also rootadmin or user. In the table below, we gave you a full list of Ericsson routers, along with their default admin login details.

Ericsson router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
MBR L21 4G LTEuser1234

What if your router is not on our list?

Router manufacturers are always coming up with new equipment. Some, like Huawei, seeming have hundreds of models. Ericsson is a bit conservative in this regard. However, it’s more than likely that new models will continue to be manufactured. A good example is the Ericsson Router 6000 series, which is an LTE series.

Anyway, the good news if your router is not listed in the above table, is that all is not lost. As you can see, there is a general pattern to the Ericsson router password and username. If it’s not root, it’s either user or admin for both. So, that’s what you should try first. Chances are high that you will be able to log into your Ericsson router by trying out these details.

Check out the router label

Another place where you can find the default login details for your Ericsson router is on the stickers that’s underneath the device. All routers that are out there come with a router label.

These labels contain a wide range of information. Some have the default admin login details. That includes the login username and the login password.

On some routers, you will also find the default WiFi password on the label. There is also likely to be the IP address or web page for getting to your routers Settings section. So, you need to look out for this sticker.

Reset your router if you have forgotten your Ericsson router password

It can happen even to the best of us; you set up a new password for your Ericsson router and then you promptly forget what it is. Driving this forgetfulness is the fact that router passwords are seldom used.

Anyway, what do you do the next that you wish to log into your router? Does it mean you are doomed? Well, no. Nothing so dramatic. All that you need to do is to reset your router.

That’s usually done using the reset button that’s on the back of the router. All that you need to do is press on this button till the lights switches off on the router. That’s means the router is being reset.

When the router is rebooted, you should be able to log into the backend with the defaults as given in the above table. So, it’s no real calamity.

Why log into your Ericson router?

Most people never need to find the Ericsson router default password and username. That’s because they never need to get into their routers Settings pages.

However, there are instances where you will be required to log in. Maybe you wish to give your WiFi a new name. Or maybe you wish to come up with a new password. Be careful when doing that not to choose a weak password. Otherwise everyone is going to end up using your WiFi.

There are many more settings in the router’s admin Page. To get there, you need the default Ericson router password and username. So, that’s the reason you are here.


In this article we gave the Ericsson router default password and username. We noted that Ericsson has fewer models than other manufacturers. In the table at the top, we gave a list of currently availble Ericson routers along with their admin login details. If you have a question, feel free to post it in the comments section below.

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