What Channels are on DSTV Now?

DSTV Now is great for those looking to maximize usage of their DSTV subscriptions by watching shows on the go. Instead of limiting your viewing to the TV in your living room, you can expand your entertainment with DSTV now by connecting a number of devices onto your subscription. These devices can include your laptop, your desktop, your Android device and your iOS device. Most people, however, want to know how many channels are on DSTV Now. Do you get all DSTV Channels once you have signed up for DSTV Now? Or do you get only a few channels? Are there extra channels that are available only on DSTV Now?

DSTV Now Channels

Most people are not aware that you don’t actually need to have a DSTV subscription to have DSTV Now. Anybody can sign up for DSTV Now. However, you are not going to get that many shows without linking your DSTV decoder to your DSTV Now account. Without an active subscription, the only channel that you are going to get is the Weather Channel. Now, that’s great for keeping up with the weather, but it’s hardly entertainment. So, how do you get additional channels on DSTV Now?

With DSTV Now, you get channels that you have subscribed for

If you are wondering what channels are available on DSTV Now, you should know that DSTV Now gives you the same channels that are in the bouquet that you have subscribed for. So, if you have subscribed for DSTV Premium, you get ALL the channels that are on DSTV Premium. If you have subscribed for DSTV Access, you get all the DSTV Access Channels. DSTV Now is not a bouquet. It does not have a specific set of channels. You only get the channels that are in your DSTV bouquet. If you are looking for more channels, you need to subscribe to a higher bouquet.

Do I get anything extra on DSTV Now?

Having said that, it’s worth noting that DSTV Now does offer you a number of juicy extras. The following are some of the extras that you get once you have signed up for DSTV Now;

DSTV Catch Up.

Signing up for DSTV Now gives you access to DSTV Catch Up, which means you will be able to watch movies and series at any time. Available content depends on your bouquet. So, if you missed a show, you can simply sign into DSTV Now and watch it at a time that is convenient to you.

Downloading Shows

Another great thing about DSTV Now is that you get the ability to download movies and other shows. If there is a movie that you want to watch later in DSTV Catch Up, you can simply download it onto your Android or iOS device and you can view it when you are free. Note, however, that shows that you download have an expiry date. They will not remain on your phone or tablet forever. Also note that you can’t download onto a laptop or desktop without going through a lot of annoying roundabouts.

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