How to Activate Catch Up on DSTV

DSTV Catch Up is a great offering from DSTV that allows you to catch up on those shows that you may have missed; perhaps because you were at work, at school or doing something else. Catch Up is comprised of a select number of shows that range from movies to Sports and documentaries. Note that content on DSTV Catch Up is dependent on the package to which you subscribe. So, if you subscribe to the DSTV family bouquet, your Catch Up is going to be related to the channels that are in this offering. So, how do you activate Catch Up on DSTV?

Is Catch Up available for all DSTV customers?

First, we need to determine whether or not DSTV Catch Up is available for all DSTV customers. The answer to that is that there are two ways through which people can access DSTV Catch Up;

  • Catch Up is conditionally available to DSTV customers who have PVR decoders. PVR decoders are those decoders that allow you to record, rewind, pause and fast forward live television. So, if you have an old DSTV decoder that does not have a recording functionality, then you are out of luck. You are not going to have access to Catch Up via your decoder. The condition for accessing Catch Up is also that you should have paid your PVR access fee. That’s because the PVR functionality is only available to those that have paid this fee. Simply having a PVR decoder is no guarantee that you are going to record anything. You need to first pay the access fee.
  • Catch Up is also available to ALL DSTV customers via DSTV Now. DSTV Now allows you to access your DSTV shows via your computer or mobile device through the internet. On a computer, access is through your browser. On a tablet or smartphone, access is through the DSTV Now App.

Activating Catch Up on DSTV

The following is how to activate Catch Up on DSTV;

  • Ensure that you have a PVR decoder.
  • Pay your DSTV subscription.
  • Pay your PVR access fee.
  • For access via a phone or computer, you need to sign up for DSTV Now.

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  1. when i go to catch up the message on screen says they are downloading and that’s where it stays and it says catch up not available in this country. I have never had this problem before. I am a premium subscriber and explorer 3B. I have rebooted several times and it still does not work

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