Number of Permitted Devices for DSTV Now

DSTV Now allows you to watch your favorite shows on your smartphone and on your desktop or laptop. Most people who have DSTV are, frankly speaking, not even aware that they can do this. That’s a tragedy. DSTV, as we all know, has been the cause of many a fight in households around Southern Africa. With so many options, whose shows are you going to watch? Are you going to watch the Maid’s shows? Or are you going to give primacy to what dad want’s to watch? Maybe Mom is the man in the house and she is going to be the Queen of the remote? Whatever the case, DSTV Now allows you to reduce these commonplace household conflicts. Instead of fighting for the remote, everyone in the household can watch their own shows on their own screen. But how many devices can you connect to DSTV Now on one subscription?

How many devices can I connect to DSTV Now?

The number of permitted devices on a single DSTV Now registration is 4. However, of these 4 devices, only 2 can be used simultaneously to watch either live TV or to stream DSTV Catchup shows.

DSTV Now Viewing Options

With DSTV Now, you can stream on only 2 devices at once, as already noted. Along with your normal television, that makes it 3 devices connected to DSTV at once. The following are your options in this regard;

  • You have the option to stream 2 Live Television channels. So, maybe baby will be watching cartoons in the living room, while mom is watching her favorite soap on her Android tablet in the bedroom. Meanwhile, dad will be sitting outside watching live sports on his iOS device.
  • Your second option is to stream 2 DSTV Catchup shows at once. Dad and maid will be watching an African movie together in the kitchen, while baby will be watching cartoons on the 64 inch TV in the living room. Meanwhile, mom will be catching up on her own show in the bedroom while wondering why dad is having so much fund with Maid.
  • The third option is to watch one live show while streaming another from DSTV catchup.

That’s it! That’s how you can use DSTV Now to eliminate conflict in your household. Hope I have answered the question; “DSTV Now how many devices?” To those who are still wondering, the answer is, you can only use 2 devices simultaneously on your DSTV. However, you can connect up to 4 devices. So, in terms of viewing, you are going to be able to view on 3 devices at once on your DSTV subscription. That includes viewing on your normal TV.

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