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4 Mobile App Development Challenges and Solutions

What are the 4 mobile app development challenges and solutions? Mobile app development is an increasingly popular phenomenon, especially due to smartphones’ ubiquity and increased usage in the present generation. This technological phenomenon have revolutionized the market. Since the inception of this technological revolution, the mobile application development industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Essentially, mobile application […]

What is the Process of Mobile Game App Development?

What is the process of mobile app game development? Are you wondering whether or not building a Mobile app is the right move for you? Let’s have a look at the statistics. According to statistics, the mobile game industry had total revenue of $64.4 billion in 2019. With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic […]

How to Check MTN Airtime Balance South Africa

Do you wish to learn how to check your MTN South Africa airtime balance? If yes, then you have come to the right place. MTN is one of the major forces on the telecommunications scene in Africa. In South Africa, the company is the second biggest player after Vodacom. If you have just moved over to MTN, […]

Vodacom Night Owl Times South Africa 2021

What time does Vodacom night owl start and end? That’s a question that you may be asking yourself as a Vodacom South Africa customer. The night owl data bundle allows people to use designated Vodacom night data at favorable rates. That’s good news if there are things that you wish to download. Using the night owl […]

How to Transfer Data from Vodacom to Telkom

Do you wish to learn how to transfer data from Vodacom to Telkom in South Africa? Vodacom is the biggest mobile network in the country, while Telkom has been growing a lot over the past few years. If you are a Vodacom customer, you may be looking to send data to friends, family and colleagues on Telkom. […]

How Much does Mediacom Charge for Going over Data Limit?

How much does Mediacom charge for going over their data limit? That’s a question that you may have been asking yourself of late if you are a Mediacom customer. Mediacom claims not to have data usage caps. However, there is a catch, as is to be expected. Depending on the package that you have signed up for, […]

How to Check Vodacom Upgrade Date

Do you wish to learn how to check your Vodacom upgrade date? Have you been asking yourself, when can I upgrade to a new phone on Vodacom? Vodacom is the biggest mobile communications network in South Africa. Many of their customers take out contracts for gadgets that include laptops, cellphones and tablets. If you are one of them, […]

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