Vodacom Night Owl Times South Africa 2021

What time does Vodacom night owl start and end? That’s a question that you may be asking yourself as a Vodacom South Africa customer. The night owl data bundle allows people to use designated Vodacom night data at favorable rates. That’s good news if there are things that you wish to download. Using the night owl bundle means you can save on data. But what time is Vodacom night owl?

Vodacom Night Owl Hours

Vodacom night owl runs for 5 hours between 12 am and 5 am. Just to clarify issues, that’s between 12 in the middle of the night and 5 in the morning. So you are going to need to be a real night owl to be able to use these bundles.

How does this compare with night bundles from other networks

Network + PackageStartsEndsDuration
Vodacom Night Owl12 am5 am5 hours
MTN Night Express12:01 am04:59 am5 hours
Telkom Night Surfer12 am7 am7 hours
Cell C Nite Bundle1 am7 am6 hours

All networks in South Africa offer night bundles in one form or the other. You can see from the above table that MTN has what’s referred to as the Night Express.

Telkom has the night surfer and Cell C has the Nite bundle. We have previously written on the Telkom night surfer times. Check out the provided link to learn more.

The table above provides a comparison of night bundles across South Africa’s networks. In terms of number of hours, Telkom gives the most at 7 hours. On the other networks, the bundles run for 5 hours (Vodacom and MTN), and 6 hours for CellC.

Who is the Vodacom Night Owl Bundle for?

Those are the Vodacom Night Owl hours. So, who stands to benefit from this night data. Well, this is something to which we have already alluded. To begin with, you may be a student looking to download books and other stuff. If you are pressed for money, then the night bundle from Vodacom is a good way of ensuring that you get what you are looking for at an affordable rate.

Night owl is also great for movie and music lovers. Perhaps you are looking to stream your favorite shows. If that’s the case, it may be better to make the downloads in the dead of the night, when data rates are at their lowest. So, this is great. It’s a way of saving money.

We do have to note that these night bundles need to be handled carefully. You don’t want to end up stressing yourself by staying up many days in the middle of the night. You could end up having more issues than you bargained for. If you can afford it’s better to look for cheaper alternatives to mobile data. Get Telkom of something. That’s way cheaper and you don’t have to remain up all night long.

Meanwhile, check out our article on how to port from any network in South Africa to Telkom. That’s a great way of enjoying savings on data and other costs while keeping your number.

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