Telkom Night Surfer Times

What time does Telkom Night Surfer start? That’s a question that we have been getting a lot from our readers. Night surfer is very convenient if you want to make downloads. Perhaps you wish to download music videos. Doing this using normal data would be too expensive for most people. With Telkom night surfer, you are able to make your downloads at set times. But what are these times?

What time does Telkom night surfer start and end?

Telkom night surfer starts at 12 am and ends at 7 am. That’s from 12 in the middle of the night to 7 in the morning. Therefore, people have a total of 7 hours in which to use Night Surfer.

What is Telkom night surfer?

Night surfer is a data bundle that’s available in the middle of the night at affordable rates. That’s just to answer those who have been asking; “what is Telkom night surfer?”

What does this mean?

Those are the Telkom mobile night surfer data times. But what does this mean? It’s clear that night surfer runs when most people are asleep. You will have to be a nocturnal animal to be able to use this facility. 12 is when most people will be enjoying their beauty sleep the most.

So, if you want to use night surfer, you will have to wake up at midnight. Clearly, there are thousands of people out there who have enough resolve to brave the night. That’s based on the number of people who are asking; from what time is Telkom night surfer.

Comparison of night surfer times for Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and Cell

So, which network in South Africa does better in terms of night time data bundles? All mobile networks in South Africa offer a night time bundle in one form or the other. Each will name theirs differently. As an example, that from Cell C is called Nite Bundle. In this section, we decided to make a comparison of the availability times between each of these offerings. You can get that information in the table below;

Network + PackageStartsEndsDuration
Telkom Night Surfer12 am7 am7 hours
MTN Night Express12:01 am04:59am5 hours
Vodacom Night Owl12 am5 am5 hours
CellC Nite Bundle1 am7 am6 hours

As you can see in the above table, the Telkom night surfer bundle offers the most in terms of duration. You get 7 hours. That’s followed by CellC, which offers 6 hours. In terms of starting point, CellC is the worst performer. Their Nite Bundle only starts at 1 am. That’s later than all the other networks in South Africa whose start times are at 12 am.

Who is this bundle for?

The night bundle from Telkom is for those that want to make big downloads, as already mentioned. It’s also for student’s who may not be able to afford to carry out research in the middle of the day when data costs are a bit more expensive.

However, you do have to bear in mind what we have already noted; you will have to wake up at odd hours to enjoy these bundles. That’s a big inconvenience that may not be worth the trouble.

My normal bundle was eaten up

We have come across several complaints from people saying their normal bundles where eaten up even at times when they were supposed to be on the night surfer bundle from Telkom. What you need to know is that the bundle only works on the Telkom core network, as opposed to the Telkom roaming network.

Remember that Telkom roams on Vodacom. So, what happens is that their night bundle does not work when on roaming. So, you need to be careful. You may think that you are using Telkom night bundles when you are actually using your daily data.

Anyway, check out our article on how to port from CellC to Telkom. Do you wish to learn more about how to listen to voicemail messages on Telkom? Follow the link to find out how to do it.

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