5 Instagram Marketing Campaign Tips for the current year

The growth in Social Media has seen companies such as FacebookInstagram and Twitter revolutionize the way in which people around the world interact. This revolution has opened up vast opportunities to those in the Digital Marketing field. With so many people meeting on the fast moving arena that is Social Media, reaching out to one’s target audience has never been easier. Instagram Marketing holds, without a doubt, the greatest promise of all digital marketing platforms that can be found out there.

Instagram is the Champion of Digital Marketing

Talk of the ongoing social media revolution would not be complete without mentioning Instagram.  The company has grown, since its formation in 2010, to become the world’s leading social scene for photo-sharing.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Instagram represents a vast advertising potential, which can be tapped in a variety of ways. Part of its appeal lies in the fact that the world has been leaning more and more towards the consumption of multimedia content; and photos and videos have been at the center of this drift.

A study by Forrester, which was released some time ago, indicated that people are more likely to engage with brands on Instagram than they would through Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Instagram surpasses Facebook by at least 58 times in terms of engagement. When compared to Twitter, the number rises to an incredible 120 times.

Paid and Unpaid Instagram Campaigns

Advertising on Instagram can either be unpaid; where you use your content to develop, promote and grow your brand; and paid, where you pay certain amounts to have your ads appear on other people’s pages.

Paid Instagram advertisements can be created using either ad creation or Power Editor. You can also create your ad using the ads API. So, what can you do to create the perfect Instagram Marketing campaign?

Tips on Launching the Perfect Instagram Marketing Campaign

Advertising campaigns, those in the know might say, are all equal. However, it is a fact that some are more equally than others. What is it, exactly, that separates one paid advertisement from the other? Answering this question can help you save both time and money, by allowing you to focus on the key points that lead to success. There are five essential things that you need to do in order to create the perfect Instagram Marketing campaign;

Understand Instagram’s Advertising Guidelines

The first thing that you need to do, as you set out to launch a perfect paid Instagram Marketing campaign, is read through the company’s guidelines. The parent company, Facebook, has a set of rules that spell out the terms and conditions of advertising on Instagram.

Understanding Instagram’s Advertising Guidelines is crucial. You don’t want to spend a lot of time coming up with an advertising campaign, only to have it rejected because parts of it are in violation of one stipulation or the other. 

As is the case with Google’s AdSense program, whose strictness in enforcing its rules has spawned a thriving alternatives industry, Facebook is strict about enforcing its terms and conditions. That, in any case, is understandable.

For Facebook and Google, the internet is at the core of their businesses. And we all know that the place is overflowing with unscrupulous characters. Without strict enforcement, these businesses would last no more than a few days. The following are a few of the main guidelines that you need to follow when creating advertisements for Instagram.

Adult Content is prohibited

Facebook/Instagram prohibits the use of adult material in advertisements. This includes both sexually suggestive and sexually explicit material.

You may not have ads in which personal attributes are suggested

Ads that make reference to race, age, gender and other personal attributes are strictly prohibited by Instagram. You will discover, while reading the guidelines on this one, that the line between acceptable and prohibited can be rather fuzzy. However, the point is that you should make every effort to stay within the set rules.

Facebook Brands

You may make a textual reference to “Facebook,” or “Instagram,” in your ad if you are linking to any of the two brands. However, you are not allowed to use the Facebook logo instead of the word “Facebook.”

There are many more guidelines for Instagram Marketing. You can read all of them by following this link.

Understand what you can do on Instagram (Available ad formats)

Now that you have read and understood Instagram’s guidelines; and you know how to avoid the many pitfalls that have seemingly been put in your path, the next thing that you need to do, as you set out to create a winning paid Instagram Marketing campaign, is understand the formats that are available on the platform. Instagram offers three basic advertising formats; Video, Image and Carousel.

Paid Instagram Image Ads

Instagram is best known as the go to place for photo sharing, and this format is one of the three that are accepted for paid advertisements.

Single image advertisements appear in Instagram in either landscape or portrait mode, depending on what you choose.

The recommended image size is 1080 *1080 pixels. Again, you should keep sight of Facebook’s guidelines when creating your photo ad.

Video Ads

Video advertisements are fast becoming the most popular choice for marketing executives across the globe, as consumption of content in this format increases exponentially. Not surprisingly, vast marketing avenues exist for Video Marketing on Instagram. Video ads on the platform are, however, limited to 30 MB and cannot exceed 30 seconds.

Instagram is one of the companies that have contributed to the wide adoption of video in advertising. Statistics shows that video marketing continues to grow as more and more people get access to multimedia capable mobile computing devices.

Conversion rates with video marketing are amazing, when compared with other Digital Marketing formats. As an example, 75% of people who watch an ad in video format will visit the marketing company’s website soon afterwards. This means that video marketing should be at the center of every Instagram Marketing campaign during the course of the current year. 

Carousel Ads

With carousel ads, you can tell the story of your brand using more than one image. This allows people to scroll across the images, and gives you the chance to market multiple products in one advertisement.

Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns Mimic Organic Content

The one thing that makes Instagram so popular is that it is a unique way of propagating the everyday to a wide range of viewers. You do not, in this regard, need to radically depart from the winning formula as you set out to launch the perfect paid Instagram Marketing campaign.   

What you need to do is first study the kind of content that goes viral on the Instagram. What is it that sets an image or a video that generates a thousand views from one that only garners a few? When you have identified the magical ingredient, do everything that you can to replicate it. We are not saying that you should copy anybody’s image. Beyond a picture there is a concept, and it is that which you need to latch onto.

Be subtle while presenting your brand. Your business matters but it does not exist in a vacuum. Why not, while you are promoting yourself, also promote your neighborhood? Take pictures of interesting monuments around you, and use them to cleverly present yourself. Above all, you should never lose track of the human touch. Strive to tell the simple story of humanity in its many quarks, triumphs and failures.

Facebook’s Text to Image Ration Rule

You also need to keep track of Facebook’s text to image ration rule. Trying to literally force your brand into people’s faces using large text may end up infringing on Facebook’s 20 percent text rule. The company states that its main aim is to give users the highest quality of content possible, and going overboard while trying to promote your brand is a sure way of getting your ads rejected.

Fortunately, you can use the Text Overlay tool to keep your image within the formatting guidelines. This has been designed to tell you if your image needs more text, has too much text, or has just the required amount of text. The Text Overlay tool is indispensable to the creation of a perfect, paid Instagram campaign.

Study Your Target Audience

Despite the fact that technology has turned the world into one vast marketplace, it is still not homogeneous. Nowhere is this clearer than on Instagram. The photo sharing giant plays host to a wide variety of demographic groups.

At face value, Instagram Advertising, appears to be simple enough. The platform has, after all, over 500 million users. What could be simpler than finding your target audience in this vast marketplace?

The answer, however, is anything but simple. Just shooting an arrow into the sea and hoping that it will hit the thing that you are looking for, is bound to produce disappointing results.

More effective is a strategy that clearly identifies the target audience, and this is what you need to do when carrying out your Instagram Marketing campaign. From there, you can precisely target the identified group(s) with your Instagram Advertisements.

Studies have shown, as an example, that women are the biggest gender group on Instagram. In terms of age, 18 to 29 year olds are the biggest grouping on the platform.

The important consideration, when setting up your perfect paid Instagram Marketing campaign, is that you are attempting to get in touch with the demographic groups that make your target audience. Narrowing your campaign down raises your chances of success.


You may also be interested in checking out Pikdo. Pikdo is an Instagram online viewer. Created to push Instagram’s founders to create the net model of the app, it permits customers to view location, followers, famous content, hashtags, Instagram statistic, and more.

Already Have a Facebook Campaign? Why not integrate the two?

Facebook, admittedly, remains the world’s biggest social media platform. The fact that the company now owns Instagram has brought a number of benefits to the digital marketing field. If you have previously run a Facebook campaign, you can take advantage of this by using the available tools to create ads for Instagram.

The integration of Facebook with Instagram has allowed people to use the powerful Power Editor Advertisement creation tool to generate ads for Instagram without having to connect to a Business Manager.

The whole point is; if you have used the tools that are available for the creation of Facebook ads, you can now use these to come up with that perfect Instagram Marketing campaign.

Instagram Marketing is the way to go in the current year.

Running a powerful paid Instagram Advertising campaign has become a must for the company that wishes to survive in the 21st century. With so many people spending their time logged in to various social media platforms, including Instagram, the potential to generate leads and conversions for your company has never been this great. Instagram Marketing gives you the ability to promote your brand in a way that is not possible with other Digital Marketing methods.  Follow the above steps and you will set yourself up to create a fruitful Instagram marketing campaign, which will be illuminating on your brand.

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