Five Email Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore this year

For all types of businesses, email marketing can never be considered outdated. Instead new Email marketing trends have been emerging every year,  which makes it easy and affordable for you to implement this tried and tested marketing strategy. Email marketing is useful for the brands that wish to reach out to potential customers in order to generate leads and sales. According to the experts, the following email marketing tips will continue to be useful during the course of the current year;

1.    Innovative responses increase consumer trust:

People are not looking for robotic interaction from brands. Marketers should, therefore, be innovative in responding to the emails of the customers rather than responding in a standardized robotic toned email, which will not build any relationship to their customers. Customers are more likely to trust those brands which are creating and adding value for them on an individual basis. By sending and responding to emails in a unique way, you can help cement a positive impression of your brand in your prospect’s mind. 

2.    Sophisticated segmentation led by AI:

The approach of targeting customers in specific segments by sending customized messages is not new. But now, big data has made it difficult for humans to get it all together on their own. This has led to the development of more sophisticated AI and content management systems to deal with this personalized approach to engaging every segment of customers by responding to the emails in real-time.

3.    Contextual personalization

This is the year in which marketers have to use more intelligent personalization to get positive results through email marketing campaigns. Technology has taken over the world, and inserting personal and demographics details is no longer enough for creating an edge. Contextual personalization technology should, therefore, be adopted. By using real-time, predictive elements and geographical locations to personalize emails,  content will have a greater impact through the inclusion of visual notifications that are addictive enough that people cannot resist responding to your emails.

4.    New iterations of mobile-first designs:

Since the day smartphones were introduced in the market, they have created challenges for marketers to build their strategies which are based on mobile-first design because customers are demanding for the best experience on all the digital devices they use in their daily life. Brands need to work on creating their email marketing campaigns which are based on mobile-first designs to provide the best experience to their recipients and to increase the possibility of getting responses.

5.    Consistent rendering and email interactivity:

Different prospects may have their own ways of rendering CSS and HTML, which creates issues for marketers with regards to making emails look perfect in every inbox. Marketers should start using technical solutions to solve the consistency problems in keeping their email designs perfect for every inbox. They should adopt MJML and HEML to ensure that emails render consistently for all the recipients who are potential customers of their brand.


In this article, we showed you the 5 email marketing trends that businesses need to focus on this month. It was noted that there will likely be increased use of AI, along with a boost in mobile optimized designs. You may also be interested in learning about some of the best email marketing software that can be found out there. Which ones should you use?

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