Best AdSense Alternatives for the year

There are a number of reasons why you may end up looking for a Google AdSense alternative. You may have failed to get into the program in the first place. Or, like so many people out there, you may have been unceremoniously kicked out of the program. People get banned for a number of reasons; clicking on the ads that are displayed on their own site, the deceptive placement of advertisements and, more recently, propagating “fake news.”  Here is a great compilation of some of the best AdSense alternatives that will help you monetize your website;

 1.   RevenueHits

Revenue Hits is one of the best AdSense alternatives that you will be able to find out there. When you sign up, you get a wide range of banner sizes and formats that have been designed to maximize on the CTR and boost earnings. The company has thousands of advertisers in its fold, and has a bidding system that has been designed to help increase your income. Here are some of Revenue Hits’ other notable features;

RevenueHits has thousands of advertisers in its fold, and has a bidding system that has been designed to help increase your income. Here are some of the other notable features;

  • Custom Formats
  • Pop Ups/Unders
  • Over 2 billion impressions per day
  • XML Feeds

RevenueHits boasts of having over 2 million daily impressions, which is a big deal and should enable you to maximize on the revenue that you get from your site. This makes RevenueHits one of the best AdSense alternatives that can be found out there. Signing up with RevenueHits is simple enough. You can get started by clicking on the banner that is above. You can also read this full RevenueHits review to get more on this great AdSense alternative.

2.   Chitika

Chitika is, perhaps, one of the best known Google AdSense alternatives that you will be able to find out there.The company offers ads that will integrate easily with your content, thus enabling you  to maximize on the amounts that you generate through your site. Chitika comes with the following features;

  • Payments are made every month
  • A free account
  • A wide variety of ad types
  • A low payment threshold
  • Ads from Yahoo! and other top quality advertisers
  • Smart ad technology and RTB platform

If you would like to know more about Chitika, you can do so by reading this full Chitika Review that Network Bees wrote a while back. Needless to say here that this is one company that will enable you to, in the absence of AdSense, reach your full potential in terms of site monetization.

3.  VigLink

If you are like most blog owners, you are probably looking for ways through which you can monetize your site. One of the best AdSense alternatives that you will be able to find anywhere out there is VigLink. If you are wondering what VigLink is, then all that we can say here is that it is an amazing service that simplifies the process by which you place affiliate links on your blog or website’s content.

The way that VigLink operates is quite unique, which separates this service from the rest of the pack. VigLink comes with the ability to identify commercial products that are mentioned in your blog or website’s content. It then automatically transforms them into revenue generating hyperlinks.

The best thing is that all that you need to do in order to get going is add a simple snippet of code to your site. This automatically turns existing links on your pages into a source of revenue.

What this means is that VigLink has the ability to turn your website or blog into a thriving e-commerce business. The best thing about it is that you won’t even have to hunt around for affiliates. VigLink does it all on your behalf. If you have ever tried building a blog from the ground up, you will understand how cumbersome the process of looking for affiliate links can be. With VigLink, all that you need to do is sit back and enjoy the revenue. The service is intelligent enough not only to turn existing links into sources of income, but to, where relevant, create new links that add to your site’s potential to generate cash.

4.  BidVertiser

BidVertiser promises to turn advertising space on your website into cash, through the display of ads from only the highest bidders. This should help you significantly boost the amount of money that you get from your blog.

One of the unique benefits that you get by having BidVertiser ads on your site is that you get paid extra whenever a conversion results from when an ad that is displayed on your blog is clicked. You can also generate detailed reports that show you how your ads are performing.


As you can see from the foregoing, there are a number of alternatives that you can turn to, should you ever get banned by Google AdSense. Whether or not you will get the same amounts of revenue is another matter, however. What is clear here is that getting blacklisted is not necessarily the end of the world. And, lets face, until you begin attracting large amounts of traffic, AdSense really is meaningless as a revenue source. Herein lies the entire AdSense alternative. Should you begin to attract large amounts of traffic, AdSense also loses it’s appeal as a revenue source. There are better things that you can do with all that traffic, right?

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