How to Use DSTV Now

If you have a DSTV subscription, then DSTV Now is something that you should seriously consider using. The great thing about DSTV Now is that it allows you to carry your entertainment with you wherever you are going. Instead of missing your favorite shows, all that you need to do is register your Android or iOS device on DSTV Now and you will be good to go. Of course, things are not as simple as that, because live streaming eats up data like nobody’s business. However, if you have access to or if you can buy enough data, then DSTV Now has the power to transform your life. So, how do you use DSTV Now?

use DSTV Now
With DSTV Now, you can enjoy DSTV on your mobile device or on a laptop

Using DSTV Now

The following is how to use DSTV Now;

  • To use DSTV Now, you first need to have a valid DSTV subscription.
  • Once you have paid for your subscription, you need to sign up for DSTV Now. Anybody can create a DSTV Now account, even people who do not have valid DSTV subscriptions.
  • After signing up for DSTV Now, you need to connect your DSTV Account. You do this using your decoder number.
  • Once done registering and linking your accounts, you now need to register the devices with which you want to access DSTV Now. The steps for doing so are given below. Note that you can register up to 4 devices. However, you can only simultaneously stream on 2 of them.

Registering devices on DSTV Now

The process of registering the device that you want to use for DSTV Now is simple. If you are using Android, it’s only a matter of downloading the DSTV Now app onto your device. Next, you need to sign into the app using your DSTV Now login details. Note that you can register for DSTV Now directly using the Android App. However, if you are using iOS, you are going to need to first do the registration on a computer.

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