Quick Recipe for Chimodho (Home made bread)

I used to think I was the only man who does any sort of cooking at home, till I caught one of my very macho colleagues Googling recipes on Friday. He proudly confessed that on Saturday, Dad is the one who does the cooking at home. After that, it was confessions all over. See, each weekend, I channel the creativity that I use on this blog to bake bread for the family.

Too much creativity?

The wife would probably say I get a bit carried away sometimes. The other time I replaced the milk in the bread that I usually make with beer (Castle Lite). It was only later, while browsing across the internet, that I discovered there is actually something that is called beer bread.

So much for being a pioneer!

Anyway, the bread that I baked using beer was edible enough. I only told everyone that I had used the good brew well after breakfast. Then some of them started claiming that they had noticed that something was wrong with the bread. One or two people even started claiming that they were getting drunk.

Hogwash, I say!

The whole family is never going to get tipsy on one bottle of Castle Light. The only difference between that and other breads that I bake was that my beer bread had a very slight bitter taste. When someone asked during breakfast, I chalked it up to too much fermentation on the part of the dough.

A simple recipe for Chimodho (homemade bread)

Below is a simple recipe for Chimodho;

  1. Mix 1 and a half cup self raising flower with 3 tablespoons sugar
  2. Add half a tablespoon of salt
  3. Make sure that all the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed
  4. Add some food coloring if you have any
  5. Pour in one cup milk
  6. Put in a generous dollop of margarine
  7. Break in two eggs

Thoroughly mix everything together till you have a nice, sticky dough. Our recipe does not need any water, so feel free to add milk till your dough has reached the consistency that you are comfortable with.

Baking Chimodho

  • Now pour half a tablespoon of cooking oil into an open pan or a baking tray or into any container that you use for baking.
  • Make sure that the entire surface is quoted with oil.
  • You then need to whisk a bit of flower into the pan. Next, pour in your dough.
  • Now put everything into the over and bake for 50 minutes at 230 degrees.

That’s it! Your bread should be ready after 50 minutes or when it is nice and crispy. Note here that my oven is one of those buy Zimbabwe thingies that are always breaking down. It has a broken door that I actually have to wedge closed using a chair. So, the time that it takes for your bread to get ready may actually be less than what I have given here.

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