How to Transfer Data from Telkom to Vodacom

Do you want to learn how to transfer data from Telkom to Vodacom? Can you transfer data from Telkom to Vodacom? Telkom is a growing telecommunications company in South Africa. It has it’s detractors, but people have been flocking to the network in search of cheaper tariffs. Meanwhile, Vodacom is the biggest company in the sector in the country. It’s interesting to note that Telkom actually roams on Vodacom. Anyway, as a Telkom customer, there are times when you may wish to send data from Telkom to Vodacom. The following is how to do it;

Can you Transfer Data from Telkom to Vodacom

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment to transfer data from Telkom to Vodacom. That’s unfortunate, considering that this is a service that many people are looking for.

But the sad thing is that it’s not possible to transfer data from one network to the other in South Africa. So, what can you do? We propose a number of solutions below.

Why it’s not possible to send data from Telkom to Vodacom

That’s how to transfer data from Telkom to Vodacom. Currently, it cannot be done. But why is that the case? Well, there are a number of reasons why.

First, there is no regulatory requirement pushing networks to implement the program. By law, all networks in South Africa are required to enable people to transfer data to other people on the same network.

The same, however, does not apply for cross network data transfers. If that’s what you are looking for, you are out of luck. One reason why this service is unavailable has to do with complications arising from the fact that networks charge different rates.

R100 on Telkom buys you a different amount of data than the same amount on Vodacom. So, to enable people to share airtime from Telkom to Vodacom, these differences would have to be ironed out.

That’s not something that’s impossible to do, but it makes everything complicated. Remember that networks are constantly running promos, further complicating matters. Having said that, it should be fairly easy to send Telkom data to Vodacom considering that Telkom roams on Vodacom. The networks are essentially linked as a result.

What can you do?

That’s how to transfer Telkom data to Vodacom. Hopefully, we have answered you. You cannot transfer data from Telkom to Vodacom. But, what can you do? Well, there are a number of possible solutions. For one thing, you can simply buy a scratch card. You should be able to find one nearby.

Once you have this card, scratch it and send the numbers to your intended recipient. From there, they are free to top up their phone and buy their own data. We have an article on how to convert Vodacom airtime into data.

You can also send the other person money so they can buy their own data and airtime. That’s simply enough to do in South Africa. There are many ways of sending money. You could also get a friend or colleague on Vodacom to send data out to your your intended recipient. Here is how to transfer Vodacom airtime.

Mobile money is a good option, though South Africans are still to fully adopt it. That’s surprising considering how popular mobile money is on the rest of the continent.

If you have people who are always asking you for data, another solution would be to get them to port to the same network as you. Check out or article on how to port from Vodacom to Telkom. Once they are on Telkom, it will be easy for you to send them data. You can also call them at cheaper rates.


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