How to Send a Please Call Me Back on Econet

Are you stranded without airtime? Do you need to send a please call me back on Econet? If yes, then you should read this article. The ability to send call backs can be a life saver. That’s the case whatever the network that you may be on. In Zimbabwe, Econet is the biggest mobile communications company. If you are one of this company’s customers, a time may arrive when you need to send a please call to a friend or to a family member. So, how do you do it?

Econet Please Call Me Back Instructions

To send an Econet please call me back, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Go to your phone and dial *555* Number#
  2. The number is that of the person to whom you are sending the Econet Please call.
  3. An example would be *555*072 XXX XXX*
  4. You can also send an Econet call back using the *140# menu.
  5. Choose Option 4, Call Me Back and enter the number to which you are sending the please call.
  6. When done, you will receive confirmation that your Econet call me back has been successful.

How many Please Calls can I send per day?

Some people tend to abuse this facility. That is why networks all over the world tend to allow a limited number of please calls per day. Econet customers can only send a maximum of 5 please call me backs per day. That’s the limit. You cannot do anything more than that.

When should you send a please call?

As noted, this is a facility that can be easily abused. In South Africa, Telkom allows people to block please calls. That’s because there are some people who will send them even when they have airtime in their phones. They do it because they think you have so much more money.

They think you should pay for the privilege of talking to them. A please call can be irritating in that regard. Econet does not appear to have a way of blocking please calls. As far as we know, none of the operators in Zimbabwe appear to have this feature. Anyway, what do you think? Please leave a comment in the section below if you have something to say.

Can I send a please call me back from Econet to a number on another network?

YEs, you can send Econet please calls not only to other ECONET numbers, but also to NetOne and Telecel numbers. Most people believe call backs can only be send to people on the same network. However, that is not the case. We have previously written on how to send a NetOne please call me back. The method there allows you to send a call me back not only to other NetOne numbers, but also to numbers on other networks.

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