How to Activate Call Barring on MTN South Africa

Are you looking to learn how to activate call barring on MTN South Africa? If yes, then this article is for you. MTN is the second biggest mobile network operator in South Africa. If you are one of their customers, there may be times when you may wish to block all incoming and outgoing calls. You may also be looking for the call barring password or PIN for MTN. We provide all that information in this article. So, how do you activate call blocking on MTN? This article has the following sections;

Call Barring Codes for MTN

The following are the call barring codes for MTN in South Africa.

 Function Code
 Call barring password 0000
 Barr all incoming calls *35*0000#
 Barr all incoming calls (roaming) *35*10000#
 Barr all outgoing calls *33*0000#

What’s the MTN Call Barring Password?

The MTN call barring password is 0000.

How block all incoming calls on MTN South Africa

To block all incoming calls on MTN South Africa, dial *35*0000#.

What’s the MTN Call Barring Code for Incoming Calls?

The MTN Call Barring code for incoming calls is *35*0000#. After dialing this, you will no longer be able to receive calls on your phone. All incoming calls will be blocked. So, that’s a rather useful way of quickly and easily stopping people from calling your phone.

How to block all outgoing calls on MTN

To block all outgoing calls on MTN in South Africa, you need to dial *33*0000#.

Why block calls on your phone?

Phones are made to make and receive calls. Well, at least that was the case before the internet turned them into play things. Anyway, the traditional function for mobile phones is to make and receive calls. So, why would anybody wish to block calls on their phone?

Well, there are several instances where you may be forced to bar calls on your mobile device. Perhaps you don’t want your creditors to reach you. Or maybe you are about to attend an important meeting. Unless you are the boss there, you will need to bar calls on your phone. Otherwise, you could find yourself in trouble.

We have previously written an article on how to block certain numbers on MTN. That’s another option as far as restricting calls on your phone is concerned. However, that option is only for specific numbers. Call barring bars all calls. So, it’s a rather drastic way of stopping people from calling you.

Of course, you always have the option to turn off your phone. However, that is not really a good option in all instances. Maybe you still wish to use your phone, but you do not wish to receive calls. Perhaps you are using your phone to get internet or for reading. Whatever the case, call barring tends to be the best option. It’s a quick and easy option in any case.

All that you need to is to dial the quick USSD Code. Once you have done that, you will get notification that all incoming or that all outgoing calls have been blocked on your phone.

Anyway, that’s all about call barring MTN. Feel free to read out article on how to transfer airtime on MTN. Hope this article has been helpful. Please feel free to leave a message in the section below if you have something to say. We love hearing from you.

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