How to Track a USPS Shipment (For International Buyers)

If you recently made a purchase from the United States that is being shipped via USPS, the good news is that it’s entirely possible for you to track your package. This applies whether you are in the United States or are in the any other part of the globe. I recently made a purchase of a Kindle Paperwhite and have been receiving tracking information via email as the item gets shipped to my country (Zimbabwe). Here, in any case, is how to track a USPS shipment;

Track a USPS shipment

In order to track a USPS shipment, all that you need to do is the following;

  1. The first step, of course is for you to make your purchase. For me, the Kindle Paperwhite was purchased from eBay. I could have bought the item from Amazon which, after all, is the manufacturer, but it’s a lot more difficult to find sellers who will ship to my location on the site. By the way, a new Kindle Paperwhite is on the way, and you can preorder yours by clicking on the above ad.
  2. In order for your item to qualify for shipping via USPS, you do need to buy from a seller in the US. This much should be obvious. It’s worth noting, however, that other postal services will also offer tracking. It’s only that we are focused on the United States Postal Services here.
  3. Next, you will get an email notifying you that your item has been shipped via USPS. Copy the tracking number that’s within the email.
  4. Head over to the USPS tracking site.
  5. Paste in or type your tracking number.
  6. Click on the “Track” button.
  7. You will immediately get information concerning the current location of your package.

How to get email notifications from USPS

To get email notifications from USPS, you simply need to do the following;

  1. Go to the USPS tracking website. 
  2. Type in your tracking number.
  3. Click on the “Track” button.
  4. Click on Text & Email Updates
  5. Click on “All below updates.” Note that Text updates are only available in Canada and the US.
  6. Type in your name and email address.
  7. Click on the “Get updates,” button.

That’s it. USPS will immediately begin notifying you whenever your shipment is scanned at any postal location along the route to your home.

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