Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover the Windshield?

This is a question that you are likely to be confronted with should something ever happen to your windshield. The good news is that in most instances, comprehensive insurance cover covers the cost of replacing a damaged windscreen. This applies in most countries, including Zimbabwe.

My experience

A month or so ago, I had the misfortune of damaging the windscreen on my car. It was one of those freaky accidents that are likely to only happen once in a lifetime. Anyway, the good news was that I had fully insured my car with Champions Insurance at the time of the incident.

Full cover for my exjap is something that I have always gone for, save for the one time when I was forced by finances to only get third party insurance. A week later, I got into an accident with a banana cart in the CBD, but that is another story altogether.

Making the windshield claim

Making an insurance claim is something that I have previously covered on this blog. Needless to say here that though I was fully covered when my windscreen broke down, the bad news was that insurance companies work in mysteriously slow ways.

I was later forced, after a week of calling and being given the runaround, to have the windshield repaired using my own funds. I decided to do so because the rains were beginning to seep into my car through all those plastics that I had used to cover the hole in the rear windshield area.

Claiming my money

Once I had had the job done at a cost that was actually lower than the quotes that I had sent to Champions, it was a simple enough matter to claim my money. I received this after only a few days, and overall, I have to say that my experience was relatively good. Anyway, back to the question at the top; yes, full insurance cover does cover the cost of replacing a damaged windshield.

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