DSTV Prices in Zimbabwe

DSTV is, without doubt, the most popular Digital Satellite Television Services provide in Zimbabwe. It used to be that there were free-to-air decoders such as the WizTech that ordinary Zimbabweans turned to whenever they got too tired of the good old programming on ZTV. Then, along came My TV Africa and then Kwese TV. The story of these DSTV competitors is one of falling by the wayside, but that is a tale for another day. Today, it is still possible to get free-to-air decoders in the country. However, DSTV has long since cemented its grip on the market. The following are the DSTV prices in Zimbabwe;

Price of DSTV Subscriptions in Zimbabwe

The following are the latest DSTV prices in Zimbabwe;

DSTV PackageCost in USDs
DSTV Lite$8
DSTV Access$13
DSTV Family$19
DSTV Compact$29
DSTV Compact Plus$45
DSTV Premium$75

Which packages are available?

In Zimbabwe, DSTV offers 6 packages. This figure does not take into account the specialist services that are also available on DSTV. The following are the packages that are offered to Zimbabweans by DSTV;

  1. DSTV Lite
  2. DSTV Access
  3. DSTV Family
  4. DSTV Compact
  5. DSTV Compact Plus
  6. DSTV Premium

What forms of payment are accepted for DSTV subscriptions in Zimbabwe?

Not so long ago, a DSTV subscription of $7 would have appeared rather cheap for ordinary Zimbabweans. That was before the currency crisis set in. Now, with the way that hard currency has become hard to get, it has become almost impossible for most people to watch their favorite shows on DSTV. In Zimbabwe, DSTV accepts only the following payment methods;

  • Online payments using VISA and MasterCard cards
  • Forex cash payments at banks
  • Payments in Rands by relatives in South Africa.

Making DSTV Payments has become a major challenge

As you can see, making a payment has become something of a major challenge for Zimbabweans. Those that wish to continue watching their favorite DSTV shows now need to run around looking for forex in order to make their payments.

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