How to Buy a Kindle Paperwhite

A few days ago, the bug finally got the better of me and I impulsively decided to buy a Kindle Paperwhite from eBay. For those that are not in the know, the Kindle Paperwhite is one of the storied eBook readers that can be found out there. The device comes with an e-ink display, which gives it a huge advantage over other types of screen.

A new version of Kindle

To begin with, it’s worth pointing out that Amazon is releasing a new version of the popular Paperwhite ebook reader. You can pre-order yours by clicking on the above ad. Unfortunately, I am not patient enough to wait till the device is available with a seller who ships to my country. That usually takes several months. The great thing about the new release is that it pushes prices on older models down, which is an advantage if you are not obsessed with getting the latest features (such as waterproofing.”)

What have I been using to read books

I probably should have bought a Kindle, or any other type of ebook reader a long time ago. I am something of an obsessive reader and have been reading ebooks using my faithful Google Nexus 7 2013 LTE for the past several years. The Nexus 7 is actually very good, save for when I need to read while sitting outside. Then the glare becomes something of a nightmare. This is where it the Kindle Paperwhite comes into its element;

Advantages of a Kindle Paperwhite

For those that are debating whether or not to buy a Kindle Paperwhite, the device comes with a number of advantages over conventional tablets or phones;

  • It has a longer battery life. That is probably because the Paperwhite comes with very few gimmicks. It’s an eBook reader, and it does not pretend to be anything else.
  • You can read ebooks while sitting in the sun. The e-ink display allows you to read books while sitting in direct sunlight. With this type of display, you can rest assured that your eyes will not suffer as you enjoy your books.
  • The Paperwhite comes with a backlit display. The earliest versions of the Kindle did not have this luxury, meaning you actually needed to be in a lit room to enjoy your books. If you buy a Kindle Paperwhite, on the other hand, you get internal lighting that makes it possible for you to read your books in the dark.

Waiting for my kindle

I ordered my Kindle a few days ago via eBay. Unlike other Zimbabweans, I am not averse to buying things online. That is not to say, however, that I have not been bruised. Two items that I bought off eBay never arrived. They were a set of replacement keys for my car and a couple of batteries. I didn’t bother to pursue the issue with eBay, since the things were less than $5 each.

Choosing a US seller

When I ordered the Kindle Paperwhite, however, I deliberately chose a US based seller. I could have bought it off Amazon, of course, but the problem there is that not many sellers will ship to Zimbabwe. The decision to buy the Kindle Paperwhite was not because I have anything against Chinese sellers or anything, but the Paperwhite, at $109 on Amazon, is too big an item for the taking of risks. The good thing about having your items shipped from the United States is that you get tracking notifications in your email, showing you the current location of your item. As an example, I just got the following notification in my email;

Your item arrived at our USPS facility in CHICAGO IL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER on October 26, 2018 at 2:01 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

This is great, because I know exactly where my item is located at any given point in time.


I will, in any case, update you when the Paperwhite arrives. Good day.

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