The Problem with Current Wireless Charging Systems: iPhone 8

One of the rumors that are trending about the upcoming iPhone 8 surrounds the possibility that the phone will come with Wireless charging. This feature, which many have been drooling about for the past several years, has has been available in most Android devices for the a while now.

Wireless Chargers are Nothing to Write Home About

I hate to be a spoiler, but current wireless charging technologies are really nothing to write home about. There are a number of reasons why this is the case;

  • You still need to wire the Wireless Charger
  • Some of the Wireless chargers that are out there have problems with overheating
  • In order to charge your device, you need to place it against the inductive charging station (I mean, right on top of the station. Take it off and there is no charging).

Wireless Chargers do not give you Freedom of Movement

The one major problem that exists with current Wireless Chargers is that they do not give you freedom of movement. They are, in this regard, just the same as wired chargers. I mean I have a now ancient Google Nexus 7 2013 edition for which I purchased a Wireless Charger. I got the thing from eBay, or maybe it was from AliExpress?

In any case, I have only used the thing a couple of times. The only benefit that I have gotten from having a wireless charger is, as far as I am concerned, the novelty of people seeing me using it. However, that has since worn off.

Now I would rather use my trusted wired charger. Spending time trying to find the right angle for charging on the Wireless pad gets tiring after only a few tries. I know, the whole thing could be down to the fact that the charger that I got is Chinese and cheap.

However, the fact still remains that current Wireless charging technologies are, as I have already stated, nothing to write home about. Should the rumors prove to be true, iPhone users will, no doubt, have their own few seconds of joy. Afterwards they will chug the things somewhere or the other, never to be used again.

A Truly Wireless Charging System

The true Wireless Charger is one that would enable you charge your device without needing to take it out of your pocket. This idea is not that farfetched.

Disney Research announced a few months ago, that it had come up with a wireless charging system that would allow for the wireless charging of devices within a given room.

Now, this is a type of wireless charging that would really be revolutionary. Just imagine having power transmitted to your gadget in the same way that WiFi is transmitted?


This article, I have to admit, is a notable shift from my usual articles, where I talk about Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting and Rank Tracking. Oh well. This, after all, is a tech everything blog. Readers can expect more of these kinds of stories in the near future.

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