How to top up Total Fuel Card Online

In Zimbabwe, holders of Total fuel cards are the envy of many. They were farsighted enough to buy these cards at a time when everyone else had never even heard about them. Now that the country is experiencing severe fuel shortages, fuel card holders have their lives made a bit easy by the fact that they do not have to wait for hours in queues like the rest of us. I have previously written an article in which I mention that Total has since stopped issuing out new fuel cards. And that’s just as well. Otherwise everyone would have one and we will have even longer queues for card holders. So, how do you top up a Total fuel card online?

Topping up a Total Fuel Card Online

If you are the lucky holder of a Total Fuel card, you can top it up online using the following steps;

  1. Go to the paynowtopup web portal
  2. Click on “Other Services.”
  3. Click on “Total Smartcard.”
  4. Enter you smartcard number
  5. Enter the amount that you wish to put into your card
  6. Enter your E-mail address
  7. Click on the “Recharge me,” button.
  8. Choose the option to recharge using either ECOCASH of 1Money.
  9. Enter your ECOCASH or 1MONEY number.
  10. Click on the “Pay,” button.
  11. You will receive a prompt on your mobile phone asking you to confirm the payment by inputting your PIN.

That’s it! That’s how you can top up your Total Fuel Card online using ECOCASH. Now that that is out of the way, you can now begin looking for a service station where the precious commodity can be found. I have noticed recently that queues for Total card holders have been getting longer, so maybe things are not getting better for all of us.

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