Total Zimbabwe no longer accepting Smart Card Applications

With Zimbabwe’s ongoing fuel woes, some of you may be wondering how you go about getting a Total Smart Card. Having a prepaid Total fuel card spares you having to spend hours while waiting in a fuel queue. Anyway, the bad news is that Total Zimbabwe, like almost every other fuel company in Zimbabwe, is no longer accepting smart card applications. A few days ago, I wrote an email to Total, and was told that the opening of new prepaid fuel cards has been suspended, “until further notice.” Below are the email from me and the reply from Total;

Hey there. I would like to get a Total Card. Where do I apply? Regards.

to me

Good day,

Apologies we are no longer taking new accounts until further notice. Thank you for your interest in Total Card


Smart card Team


Anyway, if you would like to try your luck applying for a Total Smart Card, feel free to do so at the following email;

Why fuel companies are no longer opening new smart-card applications

It’s not really surprising that fuel companies are not accepting new smartcart applications. Honestly speaking, they would otherwise be swamped with applications when they can hardly service their existing customers.

In any case, the best time for prepaid fuel card applications is when the fuel situation has stabilized. Then, it is possible that fuel companies will reopen the facility. Now, all that you can do is take a look at some of the fuel saving tips that we present for Zimbabweans.

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