How to Disable Out of Bundle Browsing for Econet

Disabling out of bundle browsing can save you loads of money, as far as data usage is concerned. That’s because where bundles give you loads of megabytes in data, using your airtime to go online tends to be rather costly. That remains the case even now, when Portraz has mandated a reduction in out of bundle browsing rates. In Zimbabwe, Econet offers the ability to disable out of bundle browsing. NetOne does not yet have this facility. So, how do you disable out of bundle browsing for Econet?

Disable out of bundle browsing for Econet

If you are using an Econet line, then disabling out of bundle browsing is a simple matter of taking the following steps;

  • Dial *143# on your phone
  • Choose “Account Services.”
  • Choose the “Out of Bundle Browsing” option
  • Choose “Do not allow.”

That’s it. That’s how you disable out of bundle browsing for Econet. Now you can go on the internet without having to worry about overshooting your data limit and wasting your airtime.

Saving data while browsing

There are several things that you can do to save data on both your computer and mobile device while browsing. On your computer, you can set your WiFi network as “Metered.” Read the article in the provided link for more. You can also set a data limit for your WiFi network.

On your mobile device, you can use a browser that allows you to disable certain data hogging features, such as images and ads. One such browser is Opera Mini. This is a wonderful tool for those that are looking to cap their spending on data.

Leave a comment in the section below if you have useful tips about how others can save on their spending on data. Doing so has definitely become important, what with data now becoming another bill about which we have to worry on a monthly basis.

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