How to Change Netgear WiFi Name

Are you looking for information on how to change your Netgear WiFi name? Netgear is one of the most popular manufacturers of networking equipment across the globe. You are probably here because you have one of their routers and you now wish to set a new name for your connection. That’s something with which you can have a lot of fun. We have a previous article in which we outlined funny WiFi name ideas. You can call yours “Free WiFi,” or something along those lines and your neighbors will spend hours trying to get in. So, how do you change the WiFi name on a Netgear router?

How to change the WiFi name on a Netgear router

The following is how to change the WiFi name on a Netgear router;

  1. Connect your phone or computer to your Netgear router.
  2. Next, open your browser and type in into the address bar.
  3. Enter the default username and password for your Netgear router.
  4. Once logged in, click on Wireless in the left pane of the Dashboard.
  5. Type in your new WiFi name. You can also change the password at this point.
  6. Click on Apply.
  7. Reconnect to your router using the new information.

Why change your Netgear WiFi name?

That’s how to change the Netgear WiFi name. As you can see in the above section, the process involves logging into the backend of your router. Once there, you can then make the necessary changes. Ensure that you don’t change anything else. Otherwise, you may break your internet. So, why would you go through the process of changing your WiFi name in the first name?

We have already given one of the reasons. There has been a trend where people have been changing their WiFi names just for the fun of it. Give yours some catchy name. We have previously encountered a WiFi network called “get your own WiFi.” You can go along this route if you so wish.

Some people also change their WiFi names for security reasons. If you don’t want to have people know what your network is, you can change the name to something generic. Then nobody will be able to identify it. One funny thing is that the entire world appears to be looking for free internet and they will try to hack into yours if they can identify it.

Another reason for changing your Netgear WiFi name is if the current name is not comprehensible. Some routers have names composes of a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols when they come off the factory. You can change this to something that’s more understandable.


In this article, we showed you how to change your Netgear WiFi name. It was noted that a lot of people have been looking to change their WiFi names for a number of reasons. It could be for security, or for the fun of it. Whatever your reasons, changing the name on your router involves logging into the backed of the device and navigating to the correct section.

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