Top 5 Online Paraphrasing Tools to Prevent Plagiarism

Online paraphrasing tools can always be the best option to recreate the articles quickly without making them plagiarized. The reason is that this tool has a huge synonym library and replaces the words with the best alternative with its AI power. Therefore, the factor of duplication becomes faded in this online tool and the lines become unique to read. Many individuals do not have much idea about the best paraphrasing tool on the search engine. In this article, we will talk about the top tools in detail so they can easily choose the best one in the SERP.

Top 5 AI Paraphrasing Tools

The list of online paraphrasing tools is very long. However, not every one of them is worth its use. Here we are going to discuss the list of best online paraphrasing tools that are recommended by professionals because of the reliability factor.


Quillbot is one of the best online paraphrasing tools on the list as it spins the entire content and makes it different from the original one.

You can get many versions from a single content and all of them will be free of duplication.

Moreover, you can check the working of this online tool free. This tool offers a free version of 125 words of paraphrasing per search. To increase the limit, you can go for the premium version, which starts, from $9.95 per month.

Here we are going to talk about the top features that you can avail of in this online tool and make the working process easy.

  • This tool offers multiple modes of paraphrasing, i.e. standard, fluent, creative, simple or formal, etc.
  • The synonym library of this online tool is very huge that helps in increasing the authenticity of the lines and making them different from the original one.
  • The working speed of quillbot is very fast which helps in increasing the workflow and avoiding unnecessary delays.
  • The best element of this paraphrasing tool is that it shows the overall statistics of the content, i.e. readability, sentence count, average sentence length, etc.


In the list of top paraphrasing tools, this is an amazing addition in the list that can be quite handy in changing the structure of the blogs and making them unique from the original ones. \n\n\n\n This AI paraphrasing tool is full of advanced features that can be availed for getting a plagiarism-free article.

Moreover, the tool offers a certain number of free trials to the users having a limit of 500 words. This can be enough to get an idea if paying for the tool is worth it or not. The premium version of this tool is very cheap and affordable.

Here are some of the top features that you can use to give a new look to the article.

  • The rephrasing of this online tool is always unique. That means is change the entire structure of the content and giving it a new look without changing the context.
  • This paraphraser online avoids the plagiarism factor in the content and makes it unique from the original one.
  • The quality of the text can also improved easily with the help of an online paraphraser. 
  • Paraphrasing of this paraphraser online is at a human level. Therefore, everyone can easily understand the newly created content. 


This is another amazing online paraphraser that offers a lot of features to the users that can help rephrase the content in the best way without making it plagiarized.

The best element of this online paraphraser is that it changes the entire article without disturbing the intent of the lines.

Let us have a look at the top features of AiSEO rewriter that you can avail of to paraphrase the content and avoid the duplication factor.

  • This AI paraphraser supports multiple languages like English, Danish, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Chinese, etc.
  • With the help of this tool, you can upload files or simply import the files via URL if they are present online.
  • The tool shows the percentage of uniqueness in the content. So, you can get the advantage of this feature and make changes in the content and avoid plagiarism factor.
  • You can also get the new content in multiple versions. This tool supports modes like factual, standard, formal, casual, creative, etc.


This paraphraser tool is top-rated on the search engine because you can get multiple versions of content from a single blog.

Moreover, the tool is very quick because of its working which makes it more interesting to use.

You can avail of paraphrasing of content up to 1000 characters for free. After that, you have to go for the premium version.

Some of the top elements of this online tool are discussed here that you must know.

  • The standard version of this paraphrasing tool is free to use. To get other modes, you need to go for the premium account.
  • After rephrasing the content, you can share the files on multiple platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.
  • The working response of this online paraphraser is very fast. That means you can quickly get the new content here.
  • This paraphrasing tool never changes the actual intent of the article.


The paraphrasing tool by SEO magnifier is another amazing tool that can help you to change the structure of the content without making it plagiarized.

Here are some of the best features of this paraphrasing tool that you can avail of t get the advantage of paraphrasing. Let us talk about these elements in detail.

  • The replaced words are highlighted in this AI paraphrasing tool so you can undo the changes if you want.
  • Processing of SEO magnifier is very smooth and quick which makes the lines easily readable.
  • This online tool ensures to avoid of the duplication factor in the content and makes the new content unique for the readers. This element also helps in increasing the authenticity of the lines.
  • There is no compatibility issue that you have to face in this tool. That means you can access it on every device regardless of its version.

Final Verdict

Some individuals often find it hard to choose the best online tool that can be helpful in rewriting their blogs and making them free of plagiarism.

We have talked about the best online paraphrasing tools in this article that contain a huge synonym library and keep the data of its users secure.

Hope this article will be helpful for you and will make it easy for you to select the best paraphraser from a lengthy list.  

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