How to Change my Spectranet WiFi Password

Are you looking to change your Spectranet WiFi password? If yes, then you should know that you have taken the right step. Spectranet is one of Nigeria’s leading Internet Services Providers and if you are one of their customers you need to occasionally change your WiFi password to keep yourself protected in a world that’s overflowing with hackers. So, if you have been asking yourself; “how to change my Spectranet WiFi password” this article will help you. So, what’s the process? Click on any of the links below to jump to the relevant section;

Spectranet WiFi password change steps

To change the Spectrum WiFi password, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Switch on your computer and make sure that it is connected to your Spectrum WiFi network.
  2. On your computer, open a browser. This can be Edge, Chrome, Mozilla or any other browser.
  3. In the address bar of your browser, type in the default I.P address which can be found on a sticker underneath your router. This is usually or
  4. Press enter when done and you will be taken to the login page for your router. Type in the default username and password.
  5. The default username for a Spectranet WiFi router is usually admin.
  6. The default password for a Spectranet WiFi router is usually also admin.
  7. If these do not work, check on the sticker under your router for the correct details.
  8. In your router’s Admin Console, go to WiFi.
  9. Go the WPA section and change you Spectrum WiFi password.
  10. Click on Apply or Save to save your changes.
  11. You will now need to reconnect all your devices using the new password.

Tips on how to change your Sprectranet WiFi password

As noted, I did not just write this article because I wanted to produce content for my site. I produced it because many people were searching on Google for how to change my Spectranet WiFi password. While researching, I discovered quite a number of things that I thought I ought to share with you. First of all, I discovered that there are many types of routers out there. In fact, there are probably thousands. And the way in which WiFi passwords are changed tend to be slightly different.

However, fact of the matter is, if you know how to change the password on one, you probably won’t have trouble doing it on any others. Check out our article on how to change Safaricom WiFi password in Kenya. Also check out our article on how to change WiFi password Shaw. You will see that the steps are almost the same. However, the small differences can undo some people. After carrying out research to answer the question; how to change my Spectranet WiFi password, I can give fellow Nigerians the following tips;

What do you need to change WiFi password Spectranet?

To change the WiFi password for your Spectranet router, you need to have certain information. First, you need to have the default I.P address. We gave the most common one above. However, there are many variations. You also need to have the default username. In most instances, this is admin. Another thing that you need to have is the default password. This will vary depending on the type of router that you have in your home. So, where do you get all this information?

All the information is on a sticker underneath your router

Here is some good news, all the information that you need to change Spectranet WiFi password can be found on a sticker underneath your router. There you will find the default I.P, the default username and default password. Sometimes, the default I.P address will be in the form of a web address. As an example, on a TP Link router, the default access address is It’s the same thing. So, it’s important to check your router to get the correct information.

You can see what the default I.P is using Command Prompt

This information is to teach you something that you can brag about to fellow Nigerians. If you want to find out what the default I.P for any modem or router is, you can do so using Command Prompt on your computer. All that you need to do is to get connected to the WiFi network or to the Ethernet internet whose I.P you want to find. Next, open Command Prompt on your computer. You can do this by simply searching for cmd on the Windows search bar. Once Command Prompt is open, type in ipconfig and press enter. You will find the default I.P for your router under Default Gateway.

You should choose a strong password

Nigerians are well known for being rather creative. Unfortunately, this creativity can flow in the wrong direction. As an example, thousands of Nigerians every day look for information on google on how to hack their neighbors’ WiFi. This was another amazing thing that I discovered while looking for information to answer the question; how to change my Spectranet WiFi password.

To be fair to Nigerians, “how to hack my neighbor’s WiFi password” is a commonly used term across the globe. It appears as if people are not very neighborly. Instead of getting their own WiFi, they actively seek to hack into their neighbors’ internet. So, you need to protect yourself, and one way of doing so is by having a strong password on your Spectranet internet. The following WiFi password tips should help you in this regard;

  • Never use a password that has less than 10 characters. The more characters that you have in your password, the harder it’s going to be for neighborly Nigerians to break into your network.
  • You should mix lower and upper cases in your password. That way, it will be hard for people to discover what you password really is. That’s because WiFi passwords are always case sensitive. In that regard, Nigeria is different from NIgeRia.
  • Use special characters in your password. That way, people wont be able to randomly guess your password, even if they know you very well. Special characters are such things as *&^%$# and @.
  • Don’t use your children’s names and birthdays as your WiFi password. Otherwise it will be very easy for people who know you to guess what your password is.

You should hide your Spectranet WiFi.

This is another thing that I resolved to do after researching on the keyword how to change my Spectranet WiFi password and discovering that so many people are looking to hack into WiFi networks. As part of the process of protecting yourself from creative Nigerians, you should consider hiding your network entirely. Doing this means that people will not be able to know that you have internet in your home or office. Without this knowledge, they won’t be able to hack into your network.

But why bother Changing WiFi password Spectranet?

Why should you bother to change Spectranet WiFi password? Well, I have already alluded to the answers to that in the above tips on how to secure your system. I noted earlier that you should periodically change your WiFi password and the following are the reasons why;

To protect yourself from hackers

Hackers are a menace around the world. They are very educated about computers. So, they know how to get into areas where they are not wanted. There, they steal such things as banking PINs and other important personal information. If you are not careful, you will soon discover that someone is spending your money on your behalf in Dubai or elsewhere.

One thing to note is that routers and modems are rather serious points of vulnerability as far as internet security is possible. If someone succeeds in hijacking your modem, they can pretty much do what they want. That’s the reason for learning how to change Spectranet WiFi password. Need to protect yourself? Check out our article on some of the best anti-malware programs that can be found out there.

To protect yourself from your own neighbors

The threat that comes from your neighbors mostly has to do with your data. We have come across people who were complaining that their internet plans were no longer lasting as long as necessary. Some even drove to the Spectranet offices to make complaints. However, upon further investigation, they will have discovered that the issue actually has to do with their good neighbors.

What usually happens is that the moment you get internet in your home of even in your office, people start coming around to try and get you to give them the password. Of course, being Nigerian, you will be on top of the world and you will want to share the joy with everyone around you. Or your wife will want to share the joy with her friends. Never mind you sharing with your drinking buddies.

What then happens is that these people start sharing with their own friends. And before you know it, you will be donating your WiFi seemingly to the whole of Abuja or Lagos. And your network will start struggling because there are too many connections on there. When you call Spectranet to complain, they will tell you that their side is fine.

After investigating, you will discover that your good neighbors are taking you for a ride. They will be using your internet as if there is no tomorrow. Well, we all love free things right. I was reading somewhere of a cheeky neighbor who locked someone out of their own WiFi. This can happen to you. Or your neighbors will simply download so many torrents that your plan won’t last a day. Should this happen, you will know that it’s time for you to change your Spectranet WiFi password.

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